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Chapt 12 Reproductiv

Chap 12 Female Reproductive System Mod 4

cervic/o cervix
colp/o vagina
cry/o cold
cyst/o sac
epis/o vulva
fibr/o fibrous tissue
gyn/o woman
gynec/o woman
hyster/o uterus
lapar/o abdominal wall
mamm/o breast
mast/o breast
men/o menses; menstruation menses; menstrual flow
metr/o uterus
metr/i uterus
oophor/o ovary
ov/o ovum; egg
ovari/o ovary
salping/o fallopian tubes; oviducts
uter/o uterus
vagin/o vagina
vulv/o vulva
ante- before; forward
endo- within
retro- behind; backward; upward
-arche beginning; onset
-version to turn
dys- painful;difficult; abnormal
aden/o gland
pre- before
-scopy examination with a scope
-graphy process of recording
amni/o amnion
amnion/o amnion
chori/o chorion
embry/o embryo
episi/o vulva
vulv/o vulva
fet/o fetus
fet/i fetus
gravid/o pregnancy
lact/o milk
nat/o birth
par/o bear; give birth to; labor; childbirth
part/o bear; give birth to; labor; childbirth
pelv/i pelvis
perine/o perineum
puerper/o childbirth; puerperium
micro- small
multi- many
nulli- none
post- after
primi- first; one
-centesis surgical puncture
-metry to measure
-(o) tomy incision into
-(r)rhexis rupture
-tocia labor; birth
primi- first
hyper- excessive
-emesis vomiting
-um noun ending
-oid resembling
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