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Viscera of the Neck

Lecture Anatomy Dr Rosimo

Contents of neck viscera Thyroid and parathyroid, larynx and trachea, pharynx and esophagus
Other term for larynx Hypopharynx
Right and left lobes of thyroid gland are connected by Isthmus
Thyroid gland is found on the lamina of thyroid cartilage up to level of what 4th-5th
Blood supply of the thyroid gland Superior thyroid artery, inferior thyroid artery, and thyroidea ima artery
Superior thyroid artery is a branch is External carotid artery
Inferior thyroid artery is a branch of Thyrocervical trunk
Thyroidea ima artery is a branch of Brachiocephalic artery
Venous drainage of thyroid gland Superior and middle thyroid vein, inferior thyroid vein
Superior thyroid vein is a branch of Internal jugular vein
Middle jugular vein is a branch of Internal jugular vein
Inferior thyroid vein is a branch of Left brachiocephalic vein
Lymphatic drainage of the thyroid gland Deep cervical lymph nodes and paratracheal nodes
Caramel colored ovoid bodies measuring about 6mm Parathyroid glands
Parathyroid glands are composed of 2 superior and 2 inferior
What parathyroid glands are most constant in location 2 superior
What parathyroid glands are variable in location 2 inferior
Blood supply of parathyroid gland Superior and inferior thyroid artery
Pharynx is composed mainly of a ring of lymphoid tissues called Waldeyer's tonsillar ring
It originated at the endodermal outgrowth from the midline at floor of pharynx Thyroid gland
It extends above the hyoid bone up the lower border of the cricoid cartilage Larynx
Larynx narrows inferiorly as it continuous with Esophagus and trachea
Epiglottis is what kind of cartilage Elastic cartilage
Upper fibroelastic membrane of larynx Quadrangular membrane
Cricothyroid ligament is continuous with the Vocal ligament
Upper part of larynx Vestibule
Cavities of the larynx which extends from the level of vestibular folds to level of the vocal folds Middle part
Cavities of the larynx which extends from level of vocal folds to lower border of cricoid cartilage Lower part
Extrinsic muscle of larynx are subdivided into Elevators and depressors
Elevators extrinsic muscles are further subdivided into Minor and major
Major elevators extrinsic muscles of larynx Digastric, mylohyoid, stylohyoid, geniohyoid
Minor elevators extrinsic muscles of larynx Stylopharyngeus, styloglossus, palatopharyngeus
Depressors extrinsic muscles are further subdivided into Sternothyroid, omohyoid, and sternohyoid
Intrinsic muscle of larynx are subdivided into Muscles that control the laryngeal inlet and vocal folds
Muscles controlling the laryngeal inlet Oblique arytenoid
Muscles controlling the movement of the vocal folds Cricothyroid and thyroarytenoid
Muscle that tenses the vocal fold Cricothyroid
Muscle that relaxes the vocal fold Thyroarytenoid
Lateral cricoarytenoid is responsible for Adduction
Posterior cricoarytenoid is responsible for Abduction
Cricothyroid muscle is innervated by External laryngeal branch of superior laryngeal branch of vagus nerve
Motor nerve innervation to muscles of larynx Recurrent laryngeal nerve
Sensory nerve innervation to muscles of larynx Internal laryngeal branch of superior laryngeal branch of vagus nerve
Upper half blood supply of larynx superior laryngeal br. of the superior thyroid artery
Lower half blood supply of larynx inferior laryngeal br. of the inferior thyroid artery
Lymphatic drainage of larynx deep cervical group of nodes
Mobile cartilaginous & membranous tube Trachea
Trachea egins in the cricoid cartilage extends downward in the midline and ends in the thorax by dividing into 2 main bronchi at the level of what vertebra 4th-5th thoracic vertebra
Blood supply in the neck of trachea Inferior thyroid artery
Lymphatic drainage of trachea pretracheal & paratracheal lymph nodes
Nerve supply of trachea Vagus nerve (recurrent laryngeal nerve)
Muscular tube about 10 inches long Esophagus
Esophagus begins at the cricoid level of ---- and ends at vertebral level --- C6 and ends at T10
Blood supply of esophagus Inferior thyroid arteries and veins
Lymphatic drainage of esophagus deep cervical lymph nodes
Nerve supply of esophagus Recurrent laryngeal nerve and sympathetic trunk
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