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Amer/french revoluti

American and French revolution

what did the French revolution do for Europe? brings europe to a modern age politcally
how many people were in france during this time period and how many legally defined classes were there? 26 million people in France with 3 legally defined classes
what was the first class in France? The first class in France was the first estate. makes up 1 to 2 percent of the population: wealthy and no taxes
What was the second class in France? the second estate. Makes 1 to 2 percent , nobility or government and army officials, no taxes
what was the third class in France? Makes up 96 percent of the population! these are peasants, hard labor jobs HAVE TO PAY TAXES
Name the causes of the American revolution 1.) enlightened beliefs 2.) poor economy 3.)revolution, declaration of Independence 4.)inequality(taxes)5.)weak and uncaring leadership 6.)* immediate cause collapse of the government fiances, 40% living in poverty
what happened on July 14, 1781? Bastille day. Third estate goes to the prison and frees there friends who are in jail for taxes
what does the nation assembly reform in 1791? 1.) abolishes all special privileges to anybody, ends inequality 2.)*declares human rights 3.)freedom of religion 4.)popular sovereignty 5.)ruled by rule of law
Created by: Megan 10