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Volume 1

Joint warfare is considered what type of warfare? team
Who has the ability to choose support capabilities from the forces at their disposal? joint force commander
What does joing doctrine promote? a common perspective from which to plan, train, and conduct military operations
What is the US military service based on? values that US military experience has proven to be vital for operational success
What do past demographics of the personnel career field allowed for each base? a high magnitude of personnel authorizations
The architecture of the base level authorizations was dispersed between what two offices? MPF and CSS
What was the mission of the MPF? provide personnel support to commanders, Air Force members, and their family members, and to administer Air Force personnel programs in both peacetime and wartime
Program Budget Decision (PBD) 720 has introduced the need for what? an immediately available AF interim solution to enable our reduced numbers of personnel service providers at the base level to deliver quality service that meets our strategic delivery goal
What did the inclusion of personnelists in the CSS give commanders and squadron customers? more direct convenient personnel support
Decreased manning levels and the transforming of personnel workload led Personnel career field leader to what decision? to consolidate the CSS into a single organization
How did the transformation of the squadron structure begin with a test of different MSS configurations and has incorporated the ongoing Services transformation efforts
What were the three reasons for integrating Manpower, Personnel, and Services (MP&S)? reduce overhead, achieve efficiencies, and maxamize customer service in response to the new service delivery goal
What was the goal of the MSS Phase I? consolidate seven flights into five
What was the goal of MSS Phase II? to further consolidate into four flights
What are the names of the five flights that make up the FSS? force development, manpower and personnel, airman and family serives, sustainment services, and community services
What are the expectations of the FSS? to perform its mission and provide excellent customer service at home base (in garrison) for remote sites and at one or more deployment locations
What is the vision of the Total Force Service Center (TFSC)? customer service experts available 24/7 with smart tools, delivering high quality customer service
What is the mission of the Total Force Service Center (TFSC)? leverage technology to execute and integrate personnel operations to support commander, their people, and personnel field activities
What is our job as personnelists? to take care of personnel actions related to our customers Air Force (active duty, retirees, dependents, guardsmen and reservists on active duty status)
What section is the focal point for the translations of all military personnel policies and programs into individual actions affecting people? MPS
The MPS was created based on what concept? learning organization
Define "learning organization" organization where all personnel within the organization can perform the full range of personnel tasks
What type of support does the CSS provide? direct support to the commander at the unit level
The CSS organizational structure is established by whom? unit commander
The CSS serves as a communications line between the commander and what other groups of people? between unit members, the commander, and between base agencies
What are the 2 personnel activities? GSU and SPA
Which office is responsible for personnel activities? MPS
What is a geographically separated unit (GSU)? unit that is not within one hour driving time (one way) of its servicing MPS
What is a satellite personnel agency (SPA)? extension or operating location of the MPS
What is the classification structure designed to do? ensure the proper number of people with the proper level of responsibility, are assigned at a specific base in order to fulfill the mission at the base
What is the objective of the military personnel classification system? identify duties and tasks for every position needed to accomplish the Air Force mission
What is the basic grouping of positions requiring similar skills and qualifications? AFSC
What is an Air Force specialty (AFS) grouped into? career field ladders, career field subdivisions, and career fields to provide for career development
When are individual's awarded an AFSC? when individuals meet all of the manditory qualifications of the specialty and have shown skill level qualification in all taks of the positions in which assigned
What is the Air Force's classification system policy? retrain Airmen who demonstrate the ability to successfully complete training and whose past record clearly justifies further investment
Special duty identifiers: four- or five- digit code and title used to identify manpower positions and persons performing duties not clearly within a specific career field
Reporting idenfitiers four- to five- digit code and a title used to identify positions or persons not identified elsewhere in the classification structure. Normally describes conditions rather than duties.
Special experience identifiers established when identifying experience or training as critical to the assignment match, or force management needs, and no other identification is appropriate or available
Describe a duty tasks you have to do
Describe a responsibility things you do to accomplish the task
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