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Chp 5&6 Abbrev & Mea

IU MED TERM Chap 5&6 Abbreviations & Meanings

Chap 5&6 AbbreviationsChap 5&6 Abbreviations Meaning
Bx, bx biopsy
BCC basal cell carcinoma
cm centimeter
decub decubitus (ulcer); bedsore
derm dermatology
FS frozen section
ID intradermal
I&D incision & drainage
IMP impression (synonymous with diagnosis)
Sub Q, sub Q subcutaneous (injection)
ung ointment
XP, XDP xeroderma pigmentosum
ABC aspiration biopsy cytology
alk phos alkaline phosphatase
ALT alanine aminotransferase (elevated in liver & heart disease); formerly SGPT
AST angiotensin sensitivity test; aspartate aminotransferase (cardiac enzyme, formerly called SGOT)
Ba barium
BaE barium enema
BM bowel movwment
CT computed tomography
CT scan, CAT scan computed tomography scan
EGD esophagogastroduodenoscopy
ERCP endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
GB gallbladder
GBS gallbladder series
GER gastroesophageal reflux
GERD gasrtoesophageal reflux disease
GI gastrointestinal
HAV hepatitis A virus
HBV hepatitis B virus
HCV hepatitis C virus
HDV hepatitis D virus
HEV hepatitis E virus
IBS irritable bowel syndrome
NG nasogastric
PUD peptic ulcer disease
R/O rule out
ac before meals
bid twice a day
npo, NPO nothing by mouth
pc, pp after meals (postprandial)
po by mouth (per os)
prn as required
qam, qm every morning
q every
qh every hour
q2h every 2 hours
qid four times a day
qhs every hour of sleep
qod every other day
qpm, qn every night
stat immediately
tid three times a day
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