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Chap 25 coding syste

coding system

All codes in ICD-10-PCS are how maney characters long? seven
What does the 1st character in the code define? The general type of procedure that is being coded.
The second character defines one of two things what are they? Either the general physiological system on which the procedure is performed or the anatomical region where the procedure is performed. Ex) CNS, PNS, Heart and great vessels, muscles.. ect
The third character identifies one of two things what are they? The root operation or the objective of the procedure. ex) bypass, occlusion, removal
3rd character root operation term. taking out or off a device from a body part and putting back an identical or similar device in or on the same body part without cutting or puncturing the skin mucous membrane. Change
All change procedures are coded using which type of approach? This root operation always involves a device. Ex) changing a catheter, gastrostomy tube change External
3rd character root operation term. Modifying the natural anatomical structure of a body part without affecting the function of the body part. Principal purpose is to improve appearance. Give an example Alteration. Ex) face lift, breast augmentation
3rd character root operation term. Taking or cutting out solid matter from a body part. Ex) cholelithotomy, throbectomy Extirpation
Free skin graft and bone graft are examples of what 3rd character root operation term? Putting in or on a biological or synthetic material that physically takes the place of all or a portion of a body part. Replacement
3rd character root operation term. Cutting out or off, without replacement ALL of a body part. Ex) Total lobectomy of lung, total nephrectomy. Resection
3rd character root operation term. Adjusting or correcting a malfuntioning or displaced device. Revision
3rd character root operation term. Putting in or on biological or synthetic material that physically reinforces the function of a portion of a body part. Ex mitral valce ring annuloplasty Supplement
The fouth character in ICD-10 codes identifies what? The body part on which the procedure was perfomed.
The fifth character in ICD-10 codes identifies what? approach
In the medical and surgical section in ICD-10 codes what does the 6 character represent. In this section it indicates whether any device was used in the procedure.
(6th character) In the medical and surgical section in ICD-10 what are the four general types of implantable devices used? Grafts and prostheses; implants; simple or mechanical; electronic appliances
Character 7 "qualifier" has a unique meaning if no qualifier is used what letter is used? Z
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