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Gross 2


Q What is another name for the Scaphoid? A Navicular
Q What is another name for the triqurtral? A Triquetrum
Q What are two other names for the "os magnum"? A capitate or capitulum
Q Of the trapezoid and the trapezium, which is the lesser multangular, and which the greater? A The trapezoid is the lesser multangular
Q The palmar aponeurosis is essentially an arborization of what m. tendon? A palmarus longus N459
Q the palmar aponeurosis covers all of the palm except which parts? A except the thenar and hypothenar N459
Q There are two sets of ligaments in the palm, whose fibers run transverse to the palmar aponeurosis. What are they called, and which is more distal? A transverse fasciculi, and the superficial transverse metacarpal ligament which is more distal N459
Check out the cutaneous innervation of the hand on N472 or N481 if you like
Q What is the action of the abductor pollicis brevis m., other than abduction? How is that different from the flexor pollicis brevis m? A abductor pollicis brevis will oppose the thumb, and the flexor pollicis brevis will flex the pollicis N465
Q The opponens pollicis m. acts to oppose the pollicis. What is it's insertion? A lat aspect of SHAFT of MC1 N465
Q This is the m. that Barahm drew lines on his hand to represent. It will be tagged on the practical. It's fibers run transversly at the base of the hypothenar eminence. *** A palmaris brevis m. ***
Q What is the innervation of the palmaris brevis m.? A superficial branch of the ulnar n. Remember the ulnar n. splits between the pisiform and hamate? N476
Q Think of the pisiform as a sesamoid bone like the patella. Which m. attaches to it proximally, and which is distal? A flexor carpi ulnaris is proximal, and abductor digiti minimi/quinti is distal
Q What m. is just medial/deep to the abductor digiti minimi/quinti, and originates from the hook of the hamate? A The flexor digiti minimi/quinti brevis. N 465
Q What BV gives the main supply to the palm? *** A The palmar arch off of the ulnar a.
Q The adductor pollicism. is fan shaped and originates from two heads. What are these called and where do they attach? Try opening to N465 to answer the first time, your not that good. A The oblique head from MC2,3 and Capitate, and the Transverse head from MC 3
Q Tell me all the mm. innervated by the ulnar n. in the hand........Just kidding; just tell me what innervates the adductor pollicis m. A ulnar n.
Q Turn to N463. There are two sets of lumbrical mm. What m.'s tendon do these mm. arise from? How many of the 4 are unipennate, and how many bipennate? Which are which? A From the tendon of the flexor digitorum profundus m. There are 2 unipennate and 2 are bipenn. The lat two are uni and t he medial are bi. These are only found on digits 2-5
Q what is the insertion of the lumbrical mm.? A extensor expansion (that fibrous hood around the ends of your fingers) of digits 2-5
Q The lumbrical mm. have two different, and opposing actions on the finger. What are they (this should be obvious) and why? A flexion, b/c of the MC-phalangeal joint, andextension b/c of the inter-phalangeal joint. N464 This is cool stuff.
Q There are 3 palmar interossei mm., which are all unipennate. Which one of them inserts medially, and which 2 laterally? A The first goes medial (it is on digit 1) and 2 and 3 go laterally (from digits 4 and 5) N465
Q How are the dorsal interossei mm. different from the palmar? A There are 4 of them, all are bipennate to both adjacent digits N465
Q What is unique about the 3rd digit and the dorsal interossei mm.? A It has extra (two) contributions so it doesn't move. It is a pivot point. Notice the other digits only have one or zero contributions from other digits. N 465
TA- DA!!!
Created by: GrossAnatomy2