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muscular system

A&P Corbit

What is the one function of muscle? to contract and shorten
Myology= study of muscles
Another name for muscle cells is? muscle fiber
Describe skeletal muscle voluntary - striated
Describe smooth muscle involuntary - non striated
Another name for smooth muscle is viseral
Describe cardiac muscle involuntary - cardiac
Muscles only... pull, they never push
Describe ligaments attach bone to bone
Describe tendons attach muscle to bone
Define fascia covering on the muscle
Define periosteum fiberous connective tissue covering the bone
Define origin (as it relates to muscle) where muscle is attached to stationary part of the skeleton
Define insertion (as it relates to muscle) muscle is attached to the moveable part of the skeleton
Define Prime mover main muscle that is moving
Define Antagonist opposite
Define Synergistic works together
Nerve impulses for movement come from... the frontal lobes of the cerebrum
Muscle impulses of _____________lobe cause eletro-chemical impulses to travel and cause muscle fibers to contract. frontal
Conscious muscle sense is.... integrated parietal lobes of the cerebrum
Coordination is regulated by the cerebellum
Define muscle tone (tonus) slight contraction of muscle to maintain posture
If a muscle is flaccid, what does it mean flabby
Describe isotonic exercise strengthens heart and respiratory system
Describe isometric exercise muscles are pitted against a immovable object
Which type of muscle is the type most responsible for generating heat? skeletal
Define sarcolemma cell membrane of the muscle fiber
Define sarcomeres contraction unit of a muscle
Myosin and actin are proteins of a muscle fiber, an their interaction causes muscle contractions
What is the role of sarcoplasmic reticulum stores calcium and releases it on demand when muscle fiber is stimulated to contract
What gives the final 'go' signal for contraction calcium
The specific neurotransmitter that stimulates skeletal muscle cells is ACh (Acetylcholine)
Define a muscle twitch single muscle contraction
Define tetanus sustained muscle contraction with no evidence of relaxation
Muscle movement Flexion is decreased in angle of a joint
Muscle movement Extension is increased in angle of a joint
Muscle movement abduction is away from the mid-line
Muscle movement adduction is toward the mid-line
Muscle movement Dorsiflexion standing on heels
Muscle movement Planter flexion is standing on toes
Muscle movement Supination is rotating arm so that palm is up
Muscle movement Pronation is rotating arm so that palm is down
Define proprioception awareness of the position of the bones, joints & muscle
Within the muscle the __________ receptors detect changes stretch
The impulses for muscle sense are integrated in the .... frontal lobes of the cerebrum (conscious muscle sense)
In the _______________(unconscious muscle sense)to be used to promote coordination cerebellum
Frontalis muscle wrinkles your forehead
Orbicularis oculi muscle wink, squint, blink
Orbicularis oris muscle kissing muscle
Buccinator muscle chewing muscle, largest muscle used in facial expression
Zygomaticus muscle smiling muscle
Masseter muscle closes the jaw
Platysma muscle pulls corner of the mouth downward
Sternocleidomastiod muscle decreases the angle of the neck
Pectoralis major muscle across the upper chest
Intercostal muscles helps breathing
Trapezius muscle superficial muscle of poster neck & upper trunk
Latissimus dorsi muscle large muscle across your back
Deltiod muscle shoulder (injection site)
Biceps brachii muscle bulges when elbow is bent
Triceps brachii muscle boxers muscle
Gluteus maximus extends hip, not important in walking
Gluteus medius steady the pelvis during walking (injection site)
Iliopsoas muscle keeps upper body from falling backwards when standing erect
Adductor muscles gravity does most of the work so they get flabby
Hamstring group (3) behind the knee
Sartorius muscle superficial muscle of the thigh (tailor's muscle)
Quadriceps group (4) vastus lateralis (site of injection for children under 3)
(Achilles tendon) without it you could not take a step
Gastrocnemius muscle calf of the leg
Describe Duchenne's muscular dystrophy seen in boys, is sex linked (mother to son)
Define myasthenia gravis muscular disorder in adults
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