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Section 3 Root words

Medical Terminology Most Common Root Words (M-Z)

macr abnormal largeness
mamm breast
mandibul lower jawbone
mast breast
mastoid mastoid
maxill upper jawbone
meat meatus
melan opening
mening meninges
menisc crescent
men menstruation
ment mind
metr uterus
mon one
morph shape
mus mucus
myc fungus
myel bone marrow, spinal cord
myel bone marrow
myos muscle
myring eardrum
my muscle
narc stupor
nas nose
nat birth
necr cell death
nephr kidney
neur nerve
noct night
nyct night
nyctal night
ocul eye
olig few
omphal navel
onc tumor
onych nail
oo egg
oophor ovary
ophthalm eye
opt vision
orch testicle
orchi testis
orchid testicle
organ organ
or mouth
orth straight
oste bone
ot ear
ov egg
ox oxygen
pachy thick
palat palate
pancreat pancreas
papill nipple
parathyroid parathyroid gland
par give birth to
patell kneecap
path disease
part labor
pector chest
ped child, food
pelv pelvis
perine perineum
peritone peritoneum
petr stone
phac lens
phag swallow
phak lens
phalang pharynx
phas speech
phleb vein
phot light
phren mind
physi nature
plasm plasma
pleur pleura
pneumat lung
pneum air
pneumon lung
pod foot
poli gray matter
poikil irregular
polyp small growth
poster back
prim first
proct rectum
prostat prostate gland
pseud false
psych mind
pub pubis
puerper childbirth
pulmon lung
pupil pupil
pyel renal pelvis
pylor pylorus
py pus
pyr fever
quadr four
rachi vertebra
radic nerve root
radicul nerve root
radi lower arm bone
rect rectum
ren kidney
retin retina
rhabd rodshaped
rhin nose
rhytid wrinkles
rhiz nerve root
salping fallopian tube
sarc connective tissue
scapul shoulder bone
scler sclera
scoli crooked
seb oil
sept septum
sial siliva
somat body
somn sleep
son sound
spermat sperm
sperm spermatozoan
sphygm pulse
spir breathing
splen spleen
spondyl vertebra
staped middle ear bone
staphyl grapelike clusters
stern breastbone
steth chest
stomat mouth
strept twisted chains
synovi synovial membrane
tars ankle bones
tars edge of eyelid
tendin tendon
tend tendon
ten tendon
test testicle
therm heat
thorac chest
thromb clot
thym thymus gland
thyroid thyroid gland
thyr thyroid gland
tibi lower leg bone
tom cut
ton tension
tonsil tonsils
top place
toxic poison
trachel neckline
trache trachea
trich hair
typan eardrum
uln lower arm bone
ungu nail
urethr urethra
ur urine
urin urinary tract
uter uterus
uvul uvula
vagin vagina
valv valve
valvul valve
vas vessel
vein vein
ventricul ventricle
vetebr vertebra
vesic bladder, sac
vesicul seminal vesticles
viscer internal organs
vulv vulva
xanth yellow
xer dry



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