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section 3 Root Words

Medical terminology Most Common Root Words (A-L)

abdomin abdomen
acanth spiny
acetabul hip socket
acou hearing
acr height
actin radius
aden gland
adenoid adenoids
adren adrenal gland
adrenal adrenal gland
aer gas
albumin albumin
algesi pain
alveol alveolus
ambly dull
amni amnion
amnion amnion
amyl starch
andr male
angi vessel
anis unequal
ankyl stiff, bent
antr antrum
an anus
aort aorta
aponeur aponeurosis
appendic appendix
arche beginning
arteri artery
arteriol smal artery
arthr joint
articul joint
atel imperfect
ather yellowish, fatty, plaque
atri atrium
aur ear
aut self
axill armpit
azot urea, nitrogen
bacteri bacteria
balan glans penis
bi life
bil bile
blast developing cell
blephar eyelid
brachi arm
bronch bronchus
bronchiol bronchiole
bucc check
burs cavity
calc calcium
cancer cancer
carcin cancer
cardi heart
carp wrist bones
caud tail
cec cecum
celi abdominal cavity
cephal head
cerebell cerebellum
cerebr cerebrum, brain
cerumin earwax
cervic cervix
cheil lip
chir hand
cholangi bile duct
chol gall, bile
choledoch common bile duct
chondr cartilage
chori chorion
chrom color
clavic collarbone
clavicul collarbone
col colon
colp vagina
coni dust
conjunctiv conjunctiva
core pupil
corne cornea
coron heart
cortic outer layer of body organ
cor pupil
cost rib
crani skull
cry cold
crypt hidden
culd cuidesac
cutane skin
cyan blue
cyes pregnancy
cyst bladder
cyt cell
dacry tear duct
dactyl fingers, toes
dent tooth
dermat skin
derm skin
dextr right
diaphor sweat
diaphragmat diaphragm
dipl double
dips thirst
disk intervertebral disk
diverticul diverticulum
dors back
duoden duodenum
dur hard
dynam power
ech sound
ectop located away from usual place
electr electrical activity
embry embryo
emmetr a normal measures
encephal brain
endocrin endocrine
enter intestines
epididym epididymis
epiglott epiglottis
episi vulva
epitheli epithelium
erythr red
esophag esophagus
esthesi sensation, feeling
eti cause
faci face
femor upper leg bone
fet fetus
fibr fibrous tissue
fibul lower leg
gangli ganglion
gastr stomach
ger aged
geront old age
gingiv gum
glomerul glomerulus
gloss tongue
gluc sugar
glycos sugar
gnath jaw
gnos knowledge
gon seed
gravid pregnancy
gynec woman
gyn woman
hem blood
hemat blood
hepat liver
herni hernia
heter other
hidr sweat
hist tissue
hom same
home unchanging
humer upper arm bone
hydr water
hymen hymen
hypn sleep
hyster uterus
iatr medicine, physician
ichthy fish
ile ileum
ili ilium
immun immune
irid iris
iri iris
ischi ischium
isch deficiency, blockage
is equal
jejun jejunum
kal potassium
kary nucleus
kerat cornea
kerat hard tissue
kin movement
kinesi movement
kyph hump
libi lips
labyrinth labyrinth
lacrim tear
lact milk
lamin lamina
lapar abdomen
larying larynx
later side
lei smooth
leuk white
lingu tongue
lip fat, lith, calculus
lob lobe
lord bent, forward
lymph lymph



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