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pharm ch24

Pharmacology Chapter 24 Emergency Drugs

ACLS stands for advanced cardiac life support.
Emergency medications are commonly administered IVP which means IntraVenous Push
A large dose of a medication may be administered IVP(intravenous push) to quickly achieve a therapeutic level which is called a bolus AKA loading dose.
Emergency medications can be administered via the ET (endotracheal tube)
An emergency medication administered to stimulate the myocardium to contract (cardiac stimulant) and to cause bronchodilation is called epinephrine (“epi”) AKA Adrenalin.
An emergency medication administered to treat severe bradycardia is called atropine.
An emergency antiarrhythmic drug is called lidocaine AKA Xylocaine
Xylocaine (lidocaine) is also used as a local anesthetic
An emergency medication administered to treat acidosis (low Ph) is called sodium bicarbonate
Sodium bicarbonate is abbreviated NaHCO3 ("bicarb", baking soda & water)
Another emergency cardiac stimulant is called calcium chloride (CaCl)
Calcium chloride is abbreviated CaCl
Vasopressors are administered to treat severe hypotension (low blood pressure)
Emergency vasopressors include: 1. epinephrine AKA Adrenalin. 2. dopamine AKA Intropin. 3. isoproterenol AKA Isuprel. 4. norepinephrine AKA Levophed.
Emetics are administered to induce vomiting.
The most commonly prescribed emetic is syrup of ipecac (ipecac will make you yac).
An emergency medication usually administered via a NG (NasoGastric) tube to absorb toxic substances in the stomach is called activated charcoal
A commonly prescribed emergency narcotic antagonist is naloxone AKA Narcan.
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