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Nette's Skin R. Test

integumentary system review

the outermost layer of the skin is the epidermis
the _____________ is the deeper of the top two layers of the skin dermis
another name for the sweat glands are the ___________ glands sudoriferous
the part of the hair that is visible and extends from the follicle is the ________ hair shaft
what type of substance do sebaceous glands secrete oil
where are the apocrine sweat glands primarily found arm pit
which of the following is NOT a function of the skin providing structure (protection, temp regulation, and sense organ activity are)
the crescent-shaped area near the root of the nail is called the __________ lunula
which part of the hair is hidden in the base of the follicle hair root
according to the "rule of nines",what percentage of the body is considered burned if the ENTIRE head is burned 9%
the most serious form of skin cancer is malignant melanoma
what is the term used to describe hair loss alopecia
another name given to a pressure sore of bedsore is __________ decubitus ulcer
__________ is the presence of the excessive body and facial hair in women hirsutism
the doctor that specializes in treating disorders of the skin is a dermatologist
an abnormal condition that results in the lack of sweating in response to heat is anhydrosis
the most common type of acne is acne vulgaris
the inherited deficiency or absence of pigment in the skin,hair,and irises is _________ albinism
a ___________ is a swelling of clotted blood trapped in the tissue that is usually caused by injury hematoma
a scab is also known as a ________ crust
a bruise is also known as a _________ contusion
a ___________ is a pathologic change of the tissues due to disease or injury lesion
a/n ___________ is a closed pocket containing pus that is caused by a purulent bacterial infection abscess
___________ is a common skin disorder characterized by flare-ups in which red papules covered with silvery scales occur on the elbows,knees,scalp,back,or buttocks psoriasis
An injury in which superficial layers of skin are scraped or rubbed away is called Abrasion
_____ AKA bulbous nose, is an overgrowth of the tissues of the nose and is associated with advanced rosacea, but usually only in older men Rhinophyma
A ____ is the removal of small piece of living tissue for examinations to confirm or established a diagnosis Biopsy
A/n ____ involves incision of a lesion, such as an abscess, and draining the contents I&D
A ____ is the removal of dirt, foreign objects, damaged tissue, and cellular debris from a wound to prevent infection and to promote healing Debridement
A ____ is the surgical removal of fat beneath the skin with the aid of suction Liposuction
A ____ is AKA a facelift Rhytidectomy
A ____ is AKA a lid lift Blepharoplasty
A _____-degree burn, or full thickness burn is characterized by complete destruction of the epidermis and dermis Third
A ____ -degree burn involves the deep epidermal layers and always causes injury to the upper layers of the dermis Second
A ____ -degree burn causes minor discomfort and some reddening of the skin First
Layer composed of Stratified Squamous Epithelium Epidermis
Layer that consists of Areolar and Adipose tissue Hypodermis
Concentrations of _____ determine the variations in skin color Melanin
Immune cells located in the epidermis that phagocytize bacteria that enter through breaks in the skin Langerhans Cells
Largest Sebaceous glands, located in the eyelids Meibomian Glands
Glands located in the dermis of the auditory canal Ceruminous glands
Cerumen Ear wax
Visible part of the nail Nail body
Eponychium Cuticle
Clubbing Abnormal curving of the fingernails and typically accompanied by enlargement of the fingertips (both B & C)
Hyperhidrosis Excessive sweating
The free edge of the nail is The part that extends beyond the tip of the finger or toe
The epidermis is AKA Ectoderm
Regeneration is the Process of making new tissue
Which layer of the epidermis is the deepest Stratum germinativum
The epidermis is Avascular
At what layer does the epithelial cell lose its nuclei Stratum granulosum
What are the two layer of dermis Papillary and Reticular
The subcutaneous functions to Insulate from cold and cushion our internal organs (Both A & B)
The hypodermis consists of Areolar tissue
In hot weather the vessels will Vasodilate to increase blood flow
This type of hair is found on a newborn Lanugo
Onchy/o Pertaining to the nails, fingernails
A second degree burn is AKA Partial thickness burn
All of the following are complications with a second degree burn except Shock (extreme pain, blisters, and swelling are)
Fourth degree burns involve destruction of Muscle, tendon and bone - all of the above
An autograft is taken from The patient
A xenograft is taken from A different species
A graft that is taken from a pig is Porcine
A graft that is taken from a cow is Bovine
A thermoreceptor gives the sensation of Temperature
A mechanoreceptor gives the sensation of Touch, pressure
All of the following are cutaneous senses except Taste (pain, pressure, and temp are)
_____ is a rare form of skin cancer that is usually associated with AIDS Kaposi sarcoma
Stratum corneum Is the constantly shedding outer layer of skin
What type of sweat gland is the most numerous, important, and widespread Eccrine
Muscle attached to the hair follicle Arrector pilli
Which of the following is the outer layer of the epidermis Stratum corneum
A ____-degree burn involves the deep epidermal layers and always causes injury to the upper layers of the dermis Second
The subcutaneous is AKA Hypodermis
Created by: Lzamora2891