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S.S. Ch 29 rdg notes

Describe 3 ways that classical ideas influenced Renaissance architecture. Rounded arches, straight columns, and domed roofs.
How did Brunelleschi build a dome that wouldn't collapse? The dome had 8 huge stone arches that were supported by hoops of iron, wood, and brick.
Describe 3 Renaissance advances in painting styles. Realistic backgrounds and depicting real people in lifelike poses and emotions.
Describe 3 Renaissance advances in painting techniques. Perspective, oil paint, and the use of geometry to divide space.
Describe 3 ways in which Renaissance sculpture was different from medieval sculpture. They looked like real people with emotions, they were 3-dimensional, and they were freestanding.
What was so amazing about Donatello's David? It was natural, life-like, life-size, and showed personality and mood.
What was so amazing about Michelangelo's David? It was beautiful, 17 feet tall, and showed the expression of a man on a battlefield.
Describe 3 ways in which Renaissance literature differed from medieval literature. While medieval literature had religious topics, a formal and impersonal writing style, and was written in Latin, Renaissance literature had secular (nonreligious) topics, a personal and individual style, and was written in the writer's own dialect.
How did the study of science change during the Renaissance? Scientists began to observe, question, experiment, and analyze.
List 6 scientific or mathematical topics Leonardo explored in his notebooks. Geometry, engineering, sound, motion, architecture, anatomy, and more.
How did the Medici family rule Florence for so long? They build palaces, kept a strong military, were involved in all aspects of life in the city, defeated their enemies, and supported artists, writers, and musicians.
What was Machiavelli's "The Prince" about? It was a frank account of how politics and government really worked. It also described how rulers made their states strong.
What industries helped Florence become the center of the Renaissance? Trading, banking, and cloth-making with woolen-cloth.
What were 2 differences between Florence's Old Market and New Market? The Old Market was crowded, smelly and dealt only in everyday goods like food. The New Market was kept cleaner and dealt with the banking industry.
Created by: Kalredo