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Chapter 29- all

Chapter 29

How did classical ideas influence renaissance architecture? rounded arches, straight columns, domed roofs
How did the dome not collapse? stone arches leaned against each other, arches supported by hoops of iron, wood, brick
On our dome, what were the parts of our bodies that supported the most weight? Our legs and feet
On Brunelleschi's dome, which parts supported the most weight? The arches
What were the feet on our dome like? The base
What was the beach ball like? The lantern
What was our body like? The arches
What were some advances in Renaissance painting style? Lifelike poses (moving), emotions, the sense of depth/space, realistic,secular
What were some advances in Renaissance painting techniques? They used geometry to divide space, perspective to make scenes realistic, and oil paint to redo work and show new details and textures.
What are some perspective techniques Botticelli used? Your eyes were drawn to the "vanishing point" (the people", the background was blurry and pale blue, the closer people were bigger, the columns looked flat from the front other than their shading, but an angle makes them look 3D.
How did Renaissance sculpture differ from medieval sculpture? Renaissance sculpture was free-standing, showed emotions, was 3D, and looked realistic.
Why was Donatello's David so amazing? It was the first life-size nude statue that expressed personality and mood in the Renaissance.
Why was Michelangelo's David so amazing? It stood 17 feet tall, had expression, and was carved from marble. It also expressed male beauty yet reflects Renaissance ideas.
What was it like to try and sculpt an eye from a cube of clay? Easy because the clay was soft and easy fix mistakes.
What do you think it was like for Michelangelo to create David from a block of marble? Difficult because the sculpture was large and if he made a mistake in the marble, he'd have to start over.
How did Renaissance literature differ from medieval literature? Renaissance literature was about different topics, it was secular, used individual style, expressed thoughts and feelings about life, and used the local dialect.
How is The Divine Comedy an example of humanist art? It highlights strong emotions, the experiences of individuals, real people, and commented on society and people of the time.
What was Paradiso? heaven, happy and joyful
What was Purgatorio? a place between heaven and hell where souls await entry into heaven
What was Inferno? hell, fiery, destructive, agony
How did the study of science change during the Renaissance. People started to question old ideas, carefully observing the world around them, not relying on old books/theories, analyzing results using mathematics and logic, and performed experiments.
What were some science/mathematic topics Leonardo explored in his notebooks? Geometry, engineering, sound, motion, anatomy, physics. Also, architecture, circulation, the workings of the eye, and the effect of the moon on Earth's tides.
Leonardo's drawings device for raising water, flying machine, four wheeled armored tank, proportions of a man's head, a building, physics and geometry caluculations, map of a city
How did the Medicis rule Florence for so long? They built palaces, kept a strong military, were involved in all aspects of city life, sponsered art, and defeated enemies.
What was Machiavelli's book The Prince about? The Prince was a frank acconut of how politics and government really worked. make their states strong ( on the test you have to really understand and explain this one)
What industries helped Florence become the center of the Renaissance? Banking, trade/commerce, woolen-cloth making, cloth factories, real estate, grain dealing, lawyers
What were some differences between the Old Market and the New Market? The New Market didn't sell food/weapons and was clean and orderly, selling the more exotic items such as silk. The Old Market was crowded, noisy, and smelly, and sold food and weapons.
What is a hoist? a mechanical device used to lift people or heavy objects
What does secular mean? relating to earthly life rather than religion or spiritual matters
What is circulation? the movement of blood through the body
What is David? A warrior from the Bible that Donatello and Michelangelo sculpted.
Who is Michelangelo? A famous artist- mainly in sculpture, sculpted David
Who is Donatello? An artist that sculpted statue of David.
Who is Brunelleschi? great architect, revived ancient techniques and built dome of Florence.
Who is Botticelli? An artist that painted Adoration of the Magi, used perspective techniques
Who is Dante? A French poet, author of The Divine Comedy- a journey through Paradiso, Purgatio, and Inferno
Who is Machiavelli? A Florentine statesman and historian, wrote The Prince, during the Medici's exile, he reorganized the city's defences,spent time observing the actions of other Italian rulers
What place does this passage describe: "Here sighs and lamentations and loud cries were echoing across the starless air so that as soon as I set out, I wept." Inferno (Hell), because it's dark and there are cries and sadness.
What does "In the actions of men, and especially of princes, from which there is no appeal, the end justifies the means" mean? It doesn't matter what you did to get the outcome as long as the outcome is good. (i.e. It doesn't matter if you got an A+ by cheating or studying as long as you get the A+)
Created by: abernard31
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