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Health Occ

epigastric upper stomach
hemoccult hidden blood
cholelithiasis gall stones
lithotripsy break up blood
cholecystectomy removal of gall bladder
laparoscopic view of abdomen
erythema red
sepsis dirty
pedal foot
thrombus blood clot
gingivitis inflammation of gums
dental teeth
stomaitis inflammation of mouth
hepatitis inflammation in liver
fibromyalagia pain in the fibrous of muscles
autoimmune body attacks itself
lymphatic lymph system
dehyrdated lack of water
cyanosis blue
pleural doubled-layer membrane that surround lung
pneumothorax chest cavaity
pulmonologist lung specialist
thoracentesis puncture to drain fluid in the chest cavavity
pathology study of disease
renal kidney
nephrologist kidney specialist
urometer instrument to measure urine
neurologist brain specialist
cepebrospinal fluid around brain and spine
Created by: LeahNicole