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Nissing Nutrit'n Ch1

Nutrition Chapter 1

What to do if you find errors in this StudyStack Email me at totallyjen@gmail.com and let me know what the right answer is - Thank You!
T/F: Food choices are affected by cost of food True
T/F: Food choices are affected by availability of food True
T/F: Food choices are affected by nutrition True
A physiological drive that is an internal mechanism Hunger
A physiological drive to eat Appetite
Feeling of no longer desiring to eat Satiety
Satiety is regulated by the ... Brain
The science that links food to health and disease Nutrition
Process by which humans ingest, digest, absorb, transport and excrete nutrients nutrition
Without these nutrients, your health will decline. You need it because it has a specific biological function Essential nutrient
If you have omitted an essential nutrient for long and then start taking it again, will you usually recover? Given enough time, usually
Nearly a quarter of all deaths are due to disease of the heart, and another quarter are due to cancer. Both are linked to... Poor diet and sedentary lifestyle
What are the 2 leading causes of PREVENTABLE death? 1-Smoking 2-Obesity
What are the 6 classes of nutrients? Carbohydrates, Lipids (fat), Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Water
What 3 main things do nutrients do? Provide energy, Regulate body processes, and fuel growth and development
What is the major source of most people's calories (~50%)? Carbohydrates
How many calories do Carbs have? 4 kcal/gm
How many calories do Lipids have? 9 kcal/gm
Which lipids are naturally solid, which are liquid? Plant oils are liquid, animal fats are solid
How many calories do Proteins have? 4 kcal/gm
Of the 6 classes of nutrient, which is the main structural material of the human body? Proteins
Which of the 6 classes of nutrient enable chemical reactions and can be lost through heating/cooking? Vitamins
Which type of vitamin is more likely to be stored up to toxic levels? Fat soluble (you'll pee out excess of water soluble)
Minerals are inorganic because they have no... Carbon
A solvent/lubricant to our joints that also makes up the majority of our body weight (~60%) Water
How many 8-oz cups of water should a person drink in a day? female-9 male-13
Which of the 6 classes of nutrient classes provide energy? Most Carbs, Proteins, Most Lipids
Found in fruits and vegetables, these include lycopene and antioxidants and don't seem to work as vitamins but need to be eaten in the original food Phytochemicals
Alcohol has how many calories? 7 kcal/gm, no nutrients
A measurement of energy equal to the amount of heat required to raise 1-g of water by 1 degree celsius calorie
What is a Calorie? (not the large C) 1000 calories, or 1 kcal
A serving of potato chips has 14 carbs, 2g protein, and 10g fat. How many calories is it? Carbs=14x4=56, Protein=2x4=8, Fat=10x9=90, total=56+8+90=154 calories
How much of the typical American's carb intake is simple sugars? HALF
Most of the fat a typical American eats comes from... Animals
Give 2 reasons people often put on about 6 pounds when they start college Stress, booze, decreased exercise, peer pressure, university environment
Created by: jenissing