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Microanatomy of the Nasal Cavity and Sinuses-Ward- 1/3/13

What two bones make up the nasal septum Vomer and ethmoid
Hard palate is made of what two bones Palatine and maxilla
Hairs in the nasal vestibule do what? Trap large particles
What gives the nose its typical shape and resiliency? Nasal cartilage
What separates the right and left nasal cavities and fuses with the hard palate? Nasal septum
A deviated septum can do what? Impede airflow and predispose to congestion
A blow out fracture is seen in the Medial orbit in the ethmoid bone
Fracture of the ethmoid bone's cribiform plate can cause CSF rhinorrhea
The nasal vestibule is covered by what type of cells? Stratified squamous epithelium
Almost all of the respiratory tract is covered by Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium
Cells of respiratory epithelium Ciliated cells(move mucous), Goblet cells (create mucous), Small granule cells (endocrine), brush cells (sensory), Basal cells (stem cells)
Nasal polyps are what? Benign overgrowths of the nasal mucosa. May require surgery but are usually idiopathic. Can be due to prolonged respiratory irritation
The upper third of the lateral nasal cavity and nasal septum is lined by Olfactory epithelium
Olfactory epithelium contain olfactory glands in the lamina propria release a serous fluid to dissolve and bind odorant molecules. These glands are called Bowman's capsules
Olfactory epithelium contain what type of sensory cells Bipolar sensory nerve cells with olfactory vesicles sprouting modified cilia
Kesselbachs area is where All nasal blow flow interrelates
What connects each nasal cavity to the nasopharynx Choanae
Arteries to the kesselbach area Incisive, anterior ethmoidal, Facial
Arteries that feed to the back of the nasal cavity Posterior ethmoidal, Sphenopalatine, and Maxillary
CSF rhinorrhea is a result from a broken Cribiform plate
Sphenoid sinus drains into the Sphenoeithmoidal recess
Posterior ethmoid air cells drain to the Superior meatus
Anterior ethmoid air cells and middle ethmoid air cells drain to Ethmoid bulla and then into the middle meatus
Frontal sinus and maxillary sinus drain to the Semilunar hiatus and then middle meatus
Nasolacrimal duct drains to Inferior meatus
Opening of the auditory tube drains to Nasopharynx
Site of frequent sinusitis because sinus enters at a superior -oblique angle Maxillary sinus
Children are more susceptible to ear infections because The auditory tube is more horizontal than an adult
When mastoid air cells because infected, this can lead to Mastoiditis
Maxillary sinusitis can put pressure on which nerves to cause the perception of tooth facial pain? Infraorbital and superior alveolar nerves
In the oropharynx and esophagus, respiratory epithelium is replaced by Non-keratinized stratified squamous epithelium because of high impact
Created by: mcasto