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U.S Navy Fire Controlman 2nd Class Advancement Study Guide

Which of the following are incentives for specific acts? Motivations
Who is the designated occupational safety and health (OSH) official for the Department of the Navy? Assistant Secretary of the Navy
What is the objective of the Navy's mishap prevention program? To prevent mishaps from occurring. To prevent mishaps from reoccurring.
When you need to delay correcting an unsafe condition, which of the following actions should you take? Take whatever temporary precautions you need to protect yourself and your coworkers.
In what year were safety engineers assigned to each major shipyard? 1917
Which of the following OPNAV instructions covers the Navy Occupational Safety and Health program? 5100.19
Commanding officers can delegate their responsibilities for safety of all personnel under their command to the executive officer. T/F? False
You should never remove a cathode-ray tube unless its high voltage anode has been charged. T/F? False
What group is responsible for the proper stowage of hazardous material in an area under their cognizance on board ships? The Supply Department. Individual work center personnel.
MAA/Safety Force Personnel are roving inspectors for hazards that could result in injury to personnel or damage to equipment. T/F? True
There is no need to review all precautions for a task you have performed many times before. T/F? False
What problems can cause a communication problem and lead to a mishap? A breakdown in the passing of information. Misunderstanding information. Language weakness.
If you are assigned a task that is beyond your skill level, you should take what action? Tell your supervisor and ask for assistance.
Factors that can contribute to worker caused mishaps include: Lack of experience, outdated procedures. Negative motivation. medical and communication problems.
What statements pertain to a mishap probability assigned subcategory B? It will probably occur in time.
What is/are the number one cause of mishaps? Personnel.
Who monitors safety and occupational health statistics and provides direct support and assistance to fleet units in safety matters? Commander, Naval Safety Center. (COMNAVSAFCEN)
Which occurrences is/are basic to a mishap? Contact that causes injury or property damage. Stops or interrupts work.
What type of motivation can cause "jury-rigged" equipment? Motivation to save time.
Behavior that leads to a mishap is usually caused by what? Undesirable attitudes. Undesirable motivations.
Which of the following is NOT a symptom of fatigue? Irritability Impatience Confusion Boredom Boredom
What forms the basis of mishap prevention? Mishaps are caused.
The quantity of hazardous material stored in the work space should be limited to what amount? Enough for one work shift.
What law assures safe and healthful working conditions for every worker in the United States? The Occupational Safety and Health Act.
Hazards that may cause severe injury, severe occupational illness, or major property damage are assigned what category? Category II
Created by: yungt3k