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Mast ectomy Greek: Mast = Root= Breast ectomy = Suffix = Removal of.
Phych o logy Greek: Phych = Root = Mind. O = Vowel Greek: logy = Suffix = Study of Study of mental processes and Behavior.
Arth Root = Joint
itis Suffix = Inflammation of
Dermat Root = Skin
Geront Root = Elderly
algia Suffix = Pain
oma Suffix = Tumor
Mast itis Mast = Root. itis = Suffix = Inflammation Inflammation of the Breast.
Close Fracture Simple fracture with no open wound.
Prefixes Always come at the Beginning.
Hyper Prefix = Over, Above, Excessive.
Peri Prefix = Around
Tachy Prefix = Rapid, Fast.
Epi Prefix = Upon, Over.
Tri Prefix = Three
Hyper gastr ic Prefix = Hyper. Root = gastr. ic Above the Stomach.
Peri arth r itis Prefix = Peri. Root = arth r Suffix = itis. Around Joint Inflammation.
ic Suffix = Pertaining to.
Gastr o enter itis Root = Gastr = Stomach. o Vowel, Root = enter = intestines, Suffix = itis = inflammation. Inflammation of the Stomach and Intestines
Hyper gastr ic Prefix = Hyper = Above. Root = gastr = Stomach. Suffix = ic = Pertaining to. Pertaining to above the Stomach.
Card Root = Heart
Card i o logy Root = Card = Heart. io = Vowels. Suffix = logy = Study of.
-logy Suffix = Study of.
-ectomy Suffix = Removal of.
-scope Suffix = To Look.
Pre- Prefix = Pre = Before.
nat Root = Birth.
-al Suffix = Pertaining to.
-tomy Suffix = Removal of.
Amni o centesis Root = Amni. Vowels = o. Suffix = centesis. Amnion (surrounds the Fetus) centesis = Surgical puncture.
Neur/o A nerve cell. The Nervous system.
-stenosis Suffix = Narrowing
-ism Suffix = A Condition of. A a Process. A State of.
-porosis Suffix = Porous condition of Bone.
Oste- Oste o- Combining Form = Bone.
Append- Root = Appendix
-iatrics -iatry Suffix = Physician or Medical treatment
Phych- Combining form = Mind: Mental processes and activities
-ician -ist Suffix = Specialist Suffix = Specialist
-plasty Suffix = Surgical repair
-desis Suffix = Surgical binding
Arth o desis Root = Arth = Joint. Vowel = o. Suffix = desis = Surgical binding.
-cyte Suffix = A Cell.
-lith Suffix = Stone, calculus, calcification.
Anter/o Root = Front, anterior.
Cerv/o Root = Neck
Chondr/o Root = Cartilage
Cyt/o -cyte Root = Cell
Dors/o Root = Back
Inguin/o Root = Groin
My/o Root = Muscle
Myel/o Root = Spinal cord
Neur/o Root = Nerve, neuron
Poster/o Root = Posterior, Back.
Proxim/o Root = Near
Super/o Root = Superior
Trans/o Root = Across
Cephalad Above; Towards the Head.
Colles Break in the Distal End of the Radius.
Comminuted Break in which the Bone is Crushed or Splintered.
Compression Fracture or Break caused by a squeezing or opposing force; loss of height in a Vertebra due to disease or trauma.
Greenstick Incomplete break: one side off the bone is broken and the other side is bent.
-scopy Suffix = Examination with an Instrument.
Arhtr/o scopy Arth/o = Joint. -scopy = Examination with an Instrument.
mylel/o Marrow of the Bone.
Oste/o myel/o itis Osteomyelitis Oste - Bone. - myel- marrow. itis - inflammation. Inflammation or infection of the Bone Marrow.
Reduction Realignment.
-malacia Suffix = Softening.
Pylorus Pyloric Sphinter The passage at the lower end of the stomach that opens into the duodenum.
Chyme Partially digested food passes to the duodenum from the stomach.
Hepatic Flexure Right Colic Flexure The bend of the colon at the juncture of its ascending and transverse portions.
Duodenum The beginning portion of the small intestine, starting at the lower end of the stomach and extending to the jejunum.
Pruritic, Pruritus Any of various conditions characterized by intense itching, often of undamaged skin.
Impetigo A contagious bacterial skin infection, usually of children, that is characterized by the eruption of superficial pustules and the formation of thick yellow crusts, commonly on the face.
Epithelial Membranous tissue composed of one or more layers of cells separated by very little intercellular substance and forming the covering of most internal and external surfaces of the body and its organs.
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