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English Midterm13

SAT vocab words

impudence (n) cocky boldness or disregard of others
stupefy (v) to astonish
wily (adj) sly and crafty
morose (adj) having sullen or gloomy disposition
unnerving (adj) depriving of strength or courage; causing nervousness
levity (n) lightheartedness; a lack of seriousness
vociferous (adj) marked by intense shouting or calling out; loud
extraneous (adj) not forming an essential or vital part; having no relevance
ghastly (adj) terrifyingly horrible to the senses; overwhelming in size
lofty (adj) superior; often having an arrogant, overbearing manner
heir (n) one who inherits or is entitled to inherit property
undermine (v) to challenge or weaken secretly
mediocrity (adj) the state of being moderate or low quality value, ability, or performance
propitious (adj) favorable; advantageous
copious (adj) abundant, plentiful in number
desecrate (v) to treat with disrespect
didactic (adj) designed or intended to teach
dissipate (v) to spend or use wastefully
dormant (adj) in a state of rest
ebb (v) to decline; to fall from a higher to a lower level or from a better to a worse state
efface (v) to wipe out; to erase
egregious (adj) obviously bad or offensive
elucidate (v) to make clear
enervate (v) to weaken, to lessen the strength of
enigma (n) a puzzle; a baffling situation
euphemism (n) a less offensive phrase that is substituted for a more offensive one
evanescent (adj) gradually disappearing, fleeting
exacerbate (v) to make a situation worse; to irritate
autonomy (n) independence; self-government
apathy (n) absence of emotion, interest, or concern
cache (n) a hiding place; something hidden in a hiding place
duplicity (n) deceifulness; speaking or acting in two different ways concerning the same matter with intent to mislead or trick
alienate (V) to drive people; to make others hostile, indifferent or unfriendly
altruistic (Adj) thoughtful of welfare of others; generous
clairvoyant (n; adj) having exceptional insight
volatile (adj) explosive; prone to rapid changes
expedient (n) an easy and quick and sometimes temporary way to solve a problem or get something done; a means to end
urbane (adj) polished; suave and polite
substantiate (v) to establish by proof or evidence
condone (v) to pardon or overlook as if something is trivial or unimportant
facilitate (v) to make easier; to help bring about
infamy (n) the state of being publicly known for an extreme criminal act
inauspicious (adj) marked by an unfavorable sign; unlucky
unadulterated (adj) pure; complete and unqualified
iniquity (n) a wicked thing or act; a sin
supercilious (adj) proud and scornful; haughty; looking down on others
abrogate (v) to abolish or annul; to treat as if non exsistent
sagacious (adj) very wise or shrewd
sequester (v) to isolate; to confiscate; to segregate
ignominy (n) deep personal humiliation and disgrace
callous (n) unfeeling; insesitive
embellish (v) to add decorative details or features; to elaborate upon (and perhaps even exaggerate)
scapegoat (n) one who is blamed for the mistakes and crimes of others
malevolent (adj) malicious; motivated by spite or ill will
munificent (adj) very generous
predilection (n) a liking or preference for something
quixotic (adj) idealistic in a foolishly impractical way; marked by rash, lofty romantic ideas
nuance (n) a subtle distinction or shade of difference
perfunctory (adj) done in a routine manner, so therefore often lacking in interest or enthusiasm
rebuke (v) to criticize sharply
ostentatious (adj) fond of conspicuous display; showy and arrogant
precipitous (adj) acting with undelehaste
redoubtable (adj) worthy of respect
vacuous (adj) empty; having a lack of intelligence
spurious (adj) lacking authenticity or validity; false
skulk (v) to move in a shy manner as if to hide or conceal something with sinister intent
venal (adj) capable of being influenced by money; corrupt
feign (v) to give a false appearance of, to pretend
fractious (adj) quarrelsome and irritable
obtrusive (adj) forward in manner or conduct, intrusive
extemporize (v) to improvise; to speak off hand without any
malevolence (n) intense, and often vicious, spite, or hatred
sumptuous (adj) extremely costly, rich, luxurious, or magnificent
rakish (adj) lacking restraint; marked by indulgence in things
deplorable (adj) 1. causing great distress, mourning or regret 2. deserving blame or contempt
punctilious (adj) extremely conscientious; concerned about precise accordinace with the details of codes or conventions
nebulous (adj) not clearly expressed; indistinct and vague
provincial (adj) limited in outlook, narrow-minded; unsophisticated
meretricious (adj) 1. attracting attention by a show of flashy or vulgar actions 2. seemingly valuable; but actually worthless; specious
ineffable (adj) incapable of being expressed in words; indescribable
Created by: angelaolivia
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