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ante- before
ana- backward, upward
anti- against
auto- self
bene- good, well
con- with
ecto- outside, external
hetero- different, other
homo- same
inter- between
intra- within
mal- ill, evil
mis- incorrect
neo- new
omni- all
patho- ill
sub- under
trans- across
aqua water
chron time
clude, clus shut, close
cog, cogn know, knowledge
duce, duct lead
fact, fect, fict make, do
graph, gram write, record, picture
hydr, hydro water
ject, jac throw, cast
logue, logy speech, science
man, manu hand, by hand
meter measure
ped, pod foot
pend, pense hang, weight
scribe, script write
sec, sect cut
spire, spirat breath, breathe
tract draw, drag
troph feed
vene, vent come
vocat, voke call
volve, volu roll, turn
-able, -ible capable of, worth of
-ance, -ence relating to, state of
-ic pertaining to
-ish like, somewhat
-less without
-ment result, action
-ness condition, quality of
-ology study of
-phobe hate, dislike
Created by: dschnur