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Privacy HIT

Important points in privacy for RHIT exam

ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
According to the ARRA, in the event of a security breach of medical records, all affected individuals must be notified within how many days? 60
Process of gathering evidence Forensics
This person is responsible for developing a plan for reporting privacy complaints Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
When complying with a request for an accounting of disclosure, the ARRA requires us to go back how many years? 3
Method of access control of multiple related but independent software systems SOS - Single Sign-On
Entity that uses or discloses PHI for only part of its business operations Hybrid entity
Example of a business associate (BA) Release of information company
Are records retained by business associates a part of the designated record set? Yes
Holds computer processors but not data Cold site
Identification of humans by their characteristics or traits that can be used for automatic recognition by identity verification Biometrics
Examples of these include: facility access codes, workstation use, workstation security, and device/media controls Physical safeguards
System automatically notifies staff of a potential breach in security when certain things are done, such as a user accessing the record of a patient with the same last name Trigger
Type of malware intended to make a machine/network unavailable to its intended users Denial of Service
HIPAA workforce security requires that access to PHI be ___________ Appropriate
A plan devised for an outcome other than the usual (expected) plan Contingency Planning
ARRA changes to the accounting of disclosure rules: only organizations with an EHR is _________ to account for all __________ Required; disclosures
Privacy Act of 1974 applies to what? Federal government
HIPAA Security Electronic
HIPAA Privacy Paper
To cause to become less harsh or hostile Mitigate
Secure socket layer is a type of what? Firewall
Process of auditing to confirm that all of the workforce's access is appropriate for their role in the organization Workforce clearance procedure
Encryption, emergency access to records, and biometrics are all a part of what type of security? Technical
CE Covered Entity
ARRA mandates that a covered entity must comply with a requested restriction unless it meets on of the exceptions True
Length of time a facility has to accept or deny a request for amendment 30 days
Training records from HIPAA privacy training must be kept for how long? 6 years
A facility would employ what for access control? Automatic logoff, passwords
Used to prevent a breach in confidentiality Risk assessment
Process of reviewing privacy and security policies, procedures, training programs, etc. and comparing them to HIPAA regulations Compliance audit
Types of encryption for EHRs Symmetric and asymetric
Record destruction should include method of destruction
A data use agreement is required when a __________ data set is used limited
Type of records patient cannot have access to psychotherapy notes
Duplicating hardware and cables to prevent a network from going down Redundancy
Created by: emilydouglas
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