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Gross 2


Q What m. is used to divide the axillary a. into segments? A Pec minor
Q What structure is visualized in the triangular space? A circumflex scapular a
Q This m. arises from the medial epicondyle of the humerus, the ulnar collateral lig, and also proxx 1/2 of ant radius A flexor digitorum superficialis N443
Q After passing through the carpal tunnel, the tendons of this m. bifurcate before inserting into the base of mid-phalanx 2-5 A flexor digitorum superficialis N443
Q The flexor digitorum superficialis m. allows a few structures to enter the forearm through it's arcuate origin. What are they? A The median n. and the ulnar a. Notice that the ulnar a. also goes deep to the pronator teres here, and the median n. stays superficial. N447
Q The common flexor shearth of the forearm is continuos with the sheath around only one digit. Which is it? A the 5th. N460 This is b/c when the flexor digitorum profundus flexes in a strong grip it deviates the axis in the direction of the 5th digit.
Q This flexor m. has four tendon heads, passes through the carpal tunnel, and originates from the shaft of ulna/interosseous membrane A Flexor digitorum profundus
Q This m. has a tendinous sheath that extends all the way to the base of the distal phalanx, but that is completely separate from the sheaths of the other fingers. Which m. is this, and to which digit does it go? A The flexor pollicis longus, which extends to the.....pollicis
Q What forms the lat border of the cubital fossa? *** A brachioradialis m. ***
Q What is the only action of the brachioradialis m.? A flexion of the elbow (that's the only joint it passes over)
Q What m. divides the radial n. into sup/deep branches? A supinator N447
Q What inenrvates the braachioradialis m.? A radial n.
Q This m. is deep to the brachioradialis m. as it arises from the lat supracondylar crest of the humerus A extensor carpi radialis longus m
Q What 3 structures (2mm 1 bone) form the anatomical snuff box? A extensor pollicis brevis (longus), abductor pollicis longus, and base of MC2
Q What synovial compartment in the wrist does the extensor carpi radialis longus/brevis pass through? *** A 2 N470 ***
The extensor carpi radialis longus will be tagged on the practical, either in the top belly or bottom tendon. *** Same goes for the brevis ***
Q Between the extensor carpi radialis longus/brevis, which inserts into the base of MC2, and which to MC3? A longus to 2, brevis to 3
Q Do extensor carpi radialis longus/brevis pass deep or superficial to the pollicis mm.? A deep
Q What m. passes through synovial compartment 6 in the wrist? A extensor carpi ulnaris
Q What is another name for the extensor digitorum m.? A extensor communis
Q The extending side of your digits have fibrous hoods around them, called extensor expansions. This m. passes through synovial compartment 4 and attaches there (digits 2-5). A extensor digitorum/communis. Note it has intertendinous connections between the fingers. N 470
Q This m. inserts into the extensor expansion of the digit where the extensor digitorum/communis does NOT A The extensor digiti minimi/quinti inserts at the 5th digit. The mm. actually blend together, although they have separate inserting tendons
Q What synovial compartment houses the extensor digiti minimi/quinti? A quitni, like quintuplets, for compartment 5
Q What is another name for the extensor indicis m.? A prosprious
Q What synovial compartment does the abductor pollicis longus pass through, and where does it insert? A compartment #1, to insert into the base of MC1 and the trapezium
Q What is the insertion of the extensor pollicis BREVIS m.? A BASE of proximal phalanx of pollicis
Take a look at Figure "F" in the notes. That could very easily become a matching on the written exam *** Or he could use it for about 500 different questions ***
Q What 3 structures pass through synovial compartment #1 in the wrist?*** A extensor pollicis brevis, abductor pollicis longus, and the radial a. Notice that the extensor pollicis longus takes the long way around to the pollicis, through compartment #3 (think: all of the following, except....)***
Created by: GrossAnatomy2