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A & P medical abreveations

ADL = Activities of daily living
BP = blood pressure
CC = Chief complaint
c/o complains of
F = Fahrenheit
HEENT = head, eyes, ears, nose, throat
h/o = history of
H & P history and physical
Hx history
I & O = intake and output
NKDA = no known drug allergies
P = pulse
PE = physical examination
PE(R)RLA = pupils equal(regular)react to light and accommodation
pt = patient
R = respiration
R/O = rule out
ROS = review of systems
T = temperature
TPR = temperature, pulse, respiration
VS = vital signs
WD = well developed
WNL = within normal limits
- s without
- c with
MAE = moves all extremities
AMA = against medical advice
AMB = ambulatory
BRP = bathroom privileges
CBR = complete bed rest
DNR = do not resuscitate
OOB = out of bed
QNS = quantity not sufficient
QS quantity sufficient
STAT immediately
Rx drug, prescription, therapy
preop = preoperative
postop = postoperative
PCA = patient-controlled analgesia
MRI = magnetic resonance imaging
I & D = incision and drainage
ICU - intensive care unit
Dx = diagnosis
D/C, dc = discontinue, discharge
CT = computed tomography
C & S = culture and (drug) sensitivity
bx = biopsy
a- without
ab- away from
ad- toward
-algia pain
arthro- joint
bi-(or di-) two
brady- slow
cyan- blue
digit- finger/toe
diplo- double
dys- painful;difficult
-ectomy excision
encephalo- brain
entero- intestine
erythro- red
glosso- tongue
glyco- sugar
hemi- half;one side
hyper- above; excess
hypo- below
-itis inflammation
leuko- white
lipo- fat
lith- stone
melano- black;dark
myelo- bone marrow; or spinal cord
myo- muscle
oligo- few; scanty
-opia eye
oto- ear
phlebo- vein
pulmo- lung
rhino- nose
tetra- four
APAP Acetaminophen
ASA aspirin
cap capsule
elix elixir
FDA food and drug administration
NSAIDS nonsteroidial antiinflammatory drugs
OTC over-the-counter
PDR Physician's desk reference
Rx prescription
supp suppository
susp suspension
tab tablet
ung ointment
mL milliliter
_ p After, post
_ pc After meals
po by mouth
prn as needed
QID four times a day
- a before
- aa of each
- ac before meals
ad lib as desired
BID twice a day
- c with
D/C, dc discontinue
gtt drop(s)
HS at bedtime
IM intramuscular
mg milligram
SC Subcutaneous(ly)
SL sublingual(ly)
- ss half
TID three times a day
x times
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