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Gross 2


Q What cord does the subscapular n. branch off the brachial plexus, and what mm. does it innervate? A From the pos cord, to the subscapularis, and the teres major
Q What direction does the teres major rotate the humerus? A medially....make that powerfull medial!
Q What mm. make up the triangular space?*** A Teres major = bottom, teres minor = top, long head of triceps = lat border***
Q What BV is found in the triangular space? What is this a branch from? What is THAT a branch from? Be specific.*** A The circumflex scapular a. is found in the triangular space, which is a branch from the subscapular a, which is a branch from the 3rd part of the axillary a.*** N426, 427. Remember, this is the one that just kind of pokes its head in the door***
Q The GH capsule is strengthened by the rotator cuff mm. on all sides except which? A Inf
Q What structure serves to deepen the glenoid fossa? A glenoid labrum. "Labio" is lip in spanish if that helps any.
Q Where does the long head of the biceps m. pass in relation to the GH joint in order to attach to the scapula? A It actually passes through a hiatus INTO the joint.
Q Of the following bursae, tell me which two communicate with eachother, and which communicates with the GH joint capsule? subacromial, subdeltoid, and subscapularis. A Subacromial and subdeltoid bursa communicate with eachother, and the subscapularis bursa communicates with the GH joint capsule.
Q What innervates the deltoid m.? What cord is this a branch from? How does this n. arrive? A The axillary n. is a branch from the pos cord of the brachial plexus, and arrives at the deltoid by passing through the quad. space.
Q What are the two distal attachments for the biceps brachii m.?*** A The radial tuberosity of the radial bone, and also the fascia of the forearm by the bicipital aponeurosis***
Q How is it that the biceps brachii m. supinates the forearm? A By pulling on the medial fascia
Q What n. peirces the coracobrachialis m.? A The musculocutaneous n.
Q What BV's supply the shoulder joint? Which is larger? A Both the ant/pos humeral circumflex aa. The pos is larger and passes through the quad space.
Q What BV does the ant/pos humeral circumflex aa. branch off of? A 3rd part of axillary a.
Q What vessels occupy the radial/musculospiral groove of the humerus? A radial n. and the deep a.(deep profunda brachial a.)
Q Is the groove for the ulnar n. found on the med/lat epicondyle of the humerus? A medial
Q What fascia forms the floor of the axilla? What is the connection of this fascia to the pec major m.? A The axillary fascia forms the floor of the axilla, and it is actually connected to the pectoral fascia (covering the pec major) at the bottom N428
Q The deep cervical fascia actually blends with the pectoral fascia and helps form the floor of the axilla. How does this fascia arrive at the axilla? A This fascia descends to wrap the clavicle and the subclavius m. Inf to the subclavius it is called the costocoracoid fascia,which wraps around the pec min as it descends. Below the pec min, it becomes the suspensory lig of axilla, & blends w/ floor N428
Q What cord of the brach plex does the lat pectoral n. come off of? A LEt cord
Q What does the pectoral a. branch off of? What does that branch off of? Be specific. A Pectoral a. branches off of the thoracoacromion trunk, which branches off the 2nd part of the axillary a. N427
Q There is an opening in the costocoracoid fascia. What traverses this opening, and in what direction?*** A The cephalic vein enters into the axillary vein, then lat pec n. exits and the pec a. exits as well ***
Q Which pec m. forms the ant wall of the axilla? A pec major, actually....maybe the minor in some parts. See drawing "D" in the notes. Check out the other boundries while your there.
Q What forms the lat wall of the axilla? A The shaft of the humerus between the greater/lesser tubercles. This makes sense with the m. attachments.
Q What m. mainly forms the pos wall of the axilla? A The subscapularis, only in part by the lats and teres major
Q What forms the medial wall of the axilla? A upper digits of serr ant m. and first four ribs
Q What branches come off the first part of the axillary a? A Remember: #1 part has 1 branch, the sup thoracic a. N427
Q What branches come off the #2 part of the axillary a? A The thoracoacromial trunk (this is important) and the lat/long thoracic a. (you should remember that one) N427
Q The thoracoacromial a/trunk branches off the #2 part of the axillary a. What does it then branch into? A The clavicular a., the pectoral a., the deltoid a., and the acromial a. What these supply is somewhat self explanatory.N427
Q Is there a n. that accompanies the lat/long thoracic a? A Yes, it is the int thoracic n. Craig blurted out "No" to this one in class, but he was thinking of the int thoracic a.
Q What are the branches off the #3 part of the axillary a? A #3 part has 3 branches, which are the subscapular a., the ant humeral circumflex a. and the pos humeral circumflex a. (important)
Q The subscapular a. is a branch off the #3 part of the axillary a. It travels inf along border of the scapula, and then splits in two. Tell me about these two branches. A The scapular circumflex a. travels pos "through" the triangular space, and the thoracodorsal a. goes to the lats, just like the n. with the same name.
Q The ant/pos humeral circumflex aa. branch off the #3 part of the axillary a., and travel around what part of the humerus before anastamosing? A The surgical neck.
Q Of the ant/pos humeral circumflex aa., which is larger, and why else is it notable? A The pos is larger, and it passes through the quad space with the axillary n.
I don't want to try and make cards for the axillary lympatic system He said to just know the groups on page 9 of the notes. Don't bother with how many there are, just know which name is ant/pos/lat, etc. It's pretty self-explanatory
Q What n. pierces the coracobrachialis m? A The musculocutaneous n.
Q The pos cord of the brachial plexus forms what nn.? A axillary and radial
Q What divisions of the brachial plexus form the pos cord? A all three pos divisions
Q What nn. branch off of the pos cord of the brachial plexus, and what do they innervate? A The upper subscapular to the subscap m., the lower subscapular n. to the subscap m. and the teres major, and the middle scapular/thoracodorsal to the LATS
Q What cords of the brachial plexus contribute to the formation of the median n.? A lat and med cords
Q What cord of the brachial plexus gives rise to the medial cutaneous brachium/antebrachium nn.? A The medial cord. N 433 shows both of these well.
Thank goodness i'm done with cards for today. Enjoy, suckaz!
Created by: GrossAnatomy2