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A set of cards to help study for a very important culinary exam

Hand maintenance for food handlers requires all of the following EXCEPT just a bandaid covering cuts or scraps on fingers
Foodhandlers don't have to wash their hands after sanitizing the table
Good personal hygiene includes reporting illness to your supervisor/instructor
Bill, a line cook at a Chinese restaurant, has a sore throat with a fever he must be restricted from working with or around food
Food handlers CAN chew gum, eat, drink, and/or smoke when taking a break during the work day
Gloves should be changed when doing all of the following EXCEPT sectioning oranges and then grapefruit
Ready-to-eat foods require the employees to wear gloves
Jane, a garde manger chef who works in a large regional hospital, has been diagnosed with a sore throat and occasionally is running a fever she must be excluded from the restaurant
Hand antiseptics that are used in the kitchen should never be used in place of handwashing
During handwashing, foodhandlers must vigorously scrub their hands and arms for 10 - 15 seconds
During handwashing, the amount of time needed to wet and rinse hands, not including the time to scrub them, is 5 - 10 seconds
A food handler can only return to work when the local regulatory agency has determined that working with food is safe for all of the following illnesses EXCEPT botulism
After handwashing, when drying your hands, which of the following should NOT be done use a clean cloth hand towel
An employee must be excluded from a food service establishment that serves a high risk populations if they have an allergic reaction that includes hives
Harry, a dishwasher, has a cold there are no restrictions
The category of pathogen that is most easily prevented by purchasing food from reputable, approved suppliers is: parasites
What grows under conditions including high acid and low water activity and can produce toxins called aflatoxins? mold
The unique symptom of a tingling in the throat and coughing up worms is associated with Anisakiasis
The category of pathogen that is most easily prevented by using correct personal hygiene is viruses
Symptoms include headache, high fever, rash, and abdominal pain Salmonella typhi
The virus that causes general weakness and a mild fever is Hepatitis A
A sign of spoilage includes white or pink discoloration or slime: yeast
These cause people to get sick, cannot be destroyed by cooking, and are produced by bacteria as they grow toxins
The category of pathogen that includes more instances where controlling time and temperature is the best preventative method is bacteria
The illness that is very contagious and has been associated with cruise ships Novovirus
Danger of kidney failure that might lead to death is an issue with Hemorrhagic colitis E. Coli
The foodborne illness that has been linked to deli meats, soft cheeses and hot dogs is Listeriosis
Which of the following DOES NOT require that a food handler be excluded from the workplace? Staphylococcus aureus
Which parasite is associated with raw or undercooked fish such as herring and cod? Anisakiasis
The water activity level that where bacteria grow well is .85 and above
In the aconym FATTOM, the second T stands for Temperature
What are the three bacteria which if you are diagnosed with having as a foodborne illness you must be excluded from work: Salmonella E. Coli Shigella
What is the water activity level for most potentially hazardous foods? .85
What is the pH range that is optimal for the growth of bacteria? 7.5 4.6
I cam found in hotdogs, deli meats and unpasteurized dairy I cause sepsis in newborn infants listeria
I cause two different illnesses - People with liver disease and diabetes should avoid foods containing my bacteria Vibrio Vulnificus
I am associated with the improper reheating of foods such as stews and gravies clostridium perfringens
What is another name for potentially hazardous foods? Time-temperature control for safety
I also cause double vision - I am associated mosted iwth improperly canned foods Clostridium botulinum
I am found in potato salad, pasta salads or foods easily contaminated by hands shigella spp.
In the aconym FATTOM, the first T stands for temperature
am often associated with baked potatoes, cooked vegetables, and rice dishes bacillus cereus
Foodhandlers diagnosed with me must be excluded from the workplace salmonella typhi
Created by: Jordyn_miller