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unit 13/14 bocab

aberrant deviating from a pattern or rule
erroneous wrong or innaccurate
errant wandering or straying
degrade lower in dignity or esteem
congress coming together
egress exit
convene to call together or assemble
covenant a mutual or legal agreement
circumvent to avoid by going around, bypass
cursory hasty and superficial
precursor that which comes before forerunner
recourse help for a problem,solution
incursion an attack on another's territory, raid
virile masculine, manly
virtue right action, moral goodness
virtuoso someone extraordinarily skilled at a particular art
demagogue a leader who appeals to people's emotions to gain power
demographic having certain characteristics in common (age, race, religion)
pandemic having an effect on a large area or region
cosmopolitan worldly or sophisticated
politicize to give political character to something
apolitical having no interest in politics
civility politeness
civic having to do with the business of a town or community
civility politeness
civic having to do with the business of a town or community
civilize to make more cultured or refined
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