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What package is made for Shelf Stable food storage? Aseptic Package
What is a Genetic Copy of an organism? Clone
This is a flexible pouch made of Aluminum Foil and Plastic Film Retart Pouches
Modified atmosphere packaging in which a mix of Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, and Nitrogen are inserted into a package to slow bacteria growth map packaging
Food production method used to restore nutrients lost in processing enrichment
Study of ways to make space and equiptment easier and more comfortable to use Ergonomics
Living cells that use nutrients in chemical reaction to provide energy for vital processes and activities Metabolism
Add a nutrient not usually found in food fortification
Minimum amount of energy needed to maintain basic body processes Basal Metabolism
Blood Disorder, caused by lack of Iron in the blood Anemia
Blood sugar formed when carbohydrates are fully broken down Glucose
Severe shortage of nutrients malnutrition
Movement of nutrients into the blood stream Absorption
Amount of energy needed to raise body temperature calorie
Thick liquid that breaks down food chyme
mechanical and chemical process that breaks down food to release nutrients for body use digestion
tiny finger like projections that line the small intestine villi
nutrients that is a persons main source of energy carbohydrates
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