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During handwashing, foodhandlers must vigorously scrub their hands and arms for... 10 - 15 seconds
Of the 5 toxins, which one does not initially include the symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting but instead includes headache and sweating... Brevetoxin
This toxin in clams, mussels and oysters exhibits the symptom of reversal of hot and cold sensation as well as tingling and numbness... Saxitoxin
Hand lotion and first aid supplies are examples of... chemical contaminants
Numbness and dizziness as well as tingling in the mouth, face, arms and legs are symptoms of ... Ciguatoxin
The category of pathogen that probably spoils food more than it causes illness is? fungi
These cause people to get sick, cannot be destroyed by cooking, and are produced by bacteria as they grow? toxins
A sign of spoilage includes white or pink discoloration or slime? yeast
The category of pathogen that is most easily prevented by purchasing food from reputable, approved suppliers is... parasites
The category of pathogen that is most easily prevented by using correct personal hygiene is... bacteria
This bacteria can cause weakness, double-vision, and difficulty swallowing Clostridium botulism
Symptoms include headache, high fever, rash, and abdominal pain ... Salmonella typhi
What is another name for potentially hazardous foods? Time-temperature control for safety Time-temperature control for safety
What is the pH range that is optimal for the growth of bacteria? 4.6-7.5
change gloves every _____ hours when doing the same job continuously four
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