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3S353 Vol 5

5 Level CDCs Volume 5

What Air Force document presents the Air Force’s guiding principles? Doctrine
What Air Force document implements the Air Force vision? Strategic Plan
What Air Force document directs accomplishment of the analysis required to help define the “decision space” for senior leaders on those investment issues that must be resolved during the Future years defense program (FYDP)? Annual planning and program guidance
Senior leaders know the benefit of long-term planning, and focus on a time period in the future that is over how many years? Three
Which is a major element of a strategic plan? Goals and objectives
What component of the Air Force Corporate Structure (AFCS) is the initial entry point for issues which require corporate review? Mission and support panels
The final body of the Air Force Corporate Structure (AFCS) is the Air Force Council (AFC)
In an attempt to identify small or large changes to improve the product or service that results, continuous improvement seeks inputs from all workers associated with a process
When considering continuous improvement, it is impossible to tell if improvements are due to chance or our efforts without first standardizing work
In continuous improvement, improving mission effectiveness while maintaining efficiency focuses on improving the return on the resources
The Air Force’s goal for continuous improvement is mission accomplishment
If caught late in the process this type of waste causes the worker significant rework? Defects
Which type of waste ties up capital and frequently hides quality problems? Overproduction
A type of waste that is created that creates an increase in handling costs and increases the possibility of damage occurring is known as transportation
Simply moving a printer to a more assessable location can be enough to cut which type of easily identifiable waste? Motion
Which of the five fronts of continuous improvement is the key element for the future viability and growth of the organization? Organization/people
Which of the five fronts of continuous improvement is the crucial enabling factor that eliminates the barriers between customers and suppliers? Technology
Which of the five fronts of continuous improvement considers the flow of work and information into, through, and out of the organization? Process
What types of improvement gains typically have significant impact on the mission, but the scope of the improvement may be restricted to a function or department? Mid-level
At what range of improvement efforts do leadership commitment and a well-defined and communicated compelling case for change become paramount? Macro
Across the spectrum of improvement opportunities, a compelling case for change is a constant requirement of all projects
Which commander has the final approval authority for a consultant study accomplished for a squadron level organization? Squadron
A benefit not expected at the conclusion of the management advisory study (MAS) feasibility action is a new manpower assessment is scheduled
Which management advisory study (MAS) action later serves as a guide for judging study progress? Study design
Which management advisory study (MAS) action is the cost mutually agreed upon? Study design
During which management advisory study (MAS) action do we discover what the directives state, officials think, and what is actually being done? Data gathering
The start of active contact with client personnel in a management advisory study (MAS) action being in the data gathering
A systematic study of operations, processes, relationships, or procedures to find good solutions takes place in which management advisory study (MAS) action? Data analysis
During which action of the management advisory study (MAS) does the consultant divide the facts of your study effort into the order of anticipated acceptability? Briefing the results
Which consultant service product forms the basis for mutual responsibilities and potential follow-on study activities? Contract
Only when approved by the client the will the “crosstell” be released as a consultant study abstract
Additional ideas to improve the work center should be discussed during which action of the management advisory study (MAS)? Follow-up
The 5 Whys analysis tool was designed to address the root cause
This analysis tool involves “digging” to determine the final action in which you can make the problem occur, or stop at will. 5 Whys
When a consultant is using the 5 Whys analysis tool they should stop asking why upon reaching the fuzzy zone
The analysis tool that allows the consultant to sift through large volumes of data generated by brainstorming is the affinity diagram
The analysis tool used to explore all the potential or root causes generated by brainstorming that result in a single output is the cause and effect diagrams
The branches of the fishbone analysis tool is often created from affinity diagram
When constructing a cause and effect analysis tool, what is a direct reflection of the depth of knowledge of the participating personnel? Many branches
What is the purpose of constructing a control chart? Observe how a process is behaving
What identifies a steady change in one direction when viewing the control chart analysis tool? Trends
What type of cause is important to notice as soon as it occurs when viewed on a control chart analysis tool? Special
What type of cause is assigned if the data pattern remains steady around the average when viewed on a control chart analysis tool? Common
What process improvement technique shows a picture of the sequence of all operations, transportation, delays, inspections, and storage of a work procedure? Flow process charting
Which statement about flow process charting is true? It is difficult to see "hidden costs" when charting a process
What can we use to support the flow process chart by showing the physical picture of the work area? Flow diagram chart
What process improvement technique improves production and eases physical exertion? Layout analysis
Which statement about layout analysis is not true? The proposed layout constitutes the improvement effort as a layout analysis study
Which technique is one of the more common techniques used for layout analysis studies? String diagram
This analysis tool graphically shows that a large majority of the problems (80%) are produced by a few key causes (20%). Pareto
What diagram is a chart made to aid comprehension of a general activity and its components? System
Which technique is useful when the work center consists of several people and skills contributing to the same product or service? Work distribution analysis
Work distribution analysis begins with establishing a task list
By repeating which problem solving methodology more quickly than their rivals allows Air Force leaders to gain a competitive advantage? Observe, orient, decide, act (OODA)
Which problem solving methodology is designed to be used as a continuous loop? Plan-do-check-act (PDCA)
If a consultant has a product or process not meeting customer specification or is not performing adequately the problem solving methodology employed is the define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC)
In the 8-step problem solving methodology, the consultant team determines if the problem requires more analysis during the step break down the problem/identify performance gaps
Which step in the 8-step problem solving methodology ensures the consultant team is not focusing on symptoms and non-value added work? Determine root causes
In the 8-step problem solving methodology which step does the team have to come to a consensus on clear and concise action items, target dates, and persons responsible built into the action plan? Develop countermeasures
In the 8-step problem solving methodology which step may result in a return to step 4 – determine root causes to look for additional root causes? Confirm results and process
In the 8-step problem solving methodology, which step ensure sustainment of improvements? Standardize successful processes
When constructing the A3 report, we tell the whole story in generally five minutes. This requires the team to limit information and focus on the top 5 issues
Who will receive training on a just-in-time basis for 8-step model qualifications? Event participants
Which organization is responsible for oversight of the Air Force Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) Program? HQ USAF/ Directorate of Manpower, Organization, and Resources (HQ USAF/A1M)
Base-level evaluations must be completed within how many working days of receipt of notification? 5
The automated system designed to provide all Air Force users Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) program access from any Air Force computer is the IDEA Program Data System
After the submitter submits an Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA), the supervisor or reporting official are notified by electronic mail
When evaluating an Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA), who is responsible for determining job responsibility? Reporting official
The Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) pool includes all approved IDEAs
Which would render an Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) submission ineligible? Submitter is anonymous
Which is not considered a reason for an Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) reconsideration? Disagreement
How many days are allotted for an evaluation of an Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) given to the Air Force evaluator? 10
Every effort must be made by evaluators of Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) to identify tangible savings
In order to be considered for cost avoidance savings in the Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) program, a proposal must have absorbed a growing workload without increasing staffing or cost
In order to be considered a hard savings in the IDEA program, a tangible savings must have costs for manpower authorizations or funded work year reductions
The Secretary of the Air Force delegates their authority to approve which monetary awards to the base IDEA analyst? $2,250
What is the maximum award for one Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA)? 10K
What is the percentage of the award amount for an idea that is determined to be within the submitter’s job responsibilities and the benefits are tangible? 3
What report includes the number of ideas submitted, open, approved, disapproved, and carried over from previous fiscal years? Activity
Which is not a way to market the Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) Program? Send messages over base giant voice system
Which organization serves as the Air Force Productivity Enhancing Capital Investment (PECI) manager? HQ USAF/A1M
Who staffs and approves or disapproves fast payback capital investment program (FASCAP) projects? MAJCOM PECI Analyst
Which productivity enhancing capital investment (PECI) program has a ceiling of $250,000? Fast Payback capital investment program (FASCAP)
How often does the project officer submit reports while a productivity enhancing capital investment (PECI) project is amortizing? 6 months
Which productivity enhancing capital investment (PECI) project allows organizations to compete for self-sustaining funds to finance investments in equipment and facilities over $250,000? Productivity investment fund (PIF)
Which is not a duty of the HQ USAF productivity enhancing capital investment (PECI) manager? Submit project paperwork to the MAJCOM PECI Analyst
Which award recognizes individuals and small groups who have made substantial improvements in the quality and productivity of operations through suggestions which result in a savings of at least $1 million? Air Force Productivity Excellence Award
Which group can not be awarded the Air Force Productivity Excellence Award? A group of 5
Which agency administers the Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award program? Air Force Manpower Agency (AFMA)
What are the sections of the Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award? Process, impact and results, and sustainment and standardization
Created by: JLSmith3782
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