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campylobacter jejuni cause contaminated water, proper cooking 165 degrees, diarrhea, cramps,fever headaches
salmonella poultry,egss, dairy, melons, beef. naturally occurs contact with poultry feces/urine. you must be excluded from work.
shigella potato/pasta salads. improper hand washing flies. control flies. must be excluded from work.
listeria monocytogens deli meats, hot dogs, raw meats, unpasteurized milk. growths in cool moist environment. pregnant women new borns.
vibrio paraheamolyticus oysters raw. harvested in warm waters april to october. diarrhea cramps vomitting fever.
vibrio vulnificus oysters raw two different kinds of ilnesses, diabetics deadly, liver disease. skin lesions.
bacillus cereus cereal, cooked rice and grains.
staphylococcus aureus STAPH infection. meat salads, deli meats, restirct food works with infected cuts.
clostridum botulinum improper can foods baked potates garlic/oil mixtures, grows without oxygen. double vision diffuclut speaking and shallowing
clostridum perfringens stews and gravies. impromper reheating/cooling
escherichia coli ground beef surfaces to beef. imporoper cooking. cook to 155 degrees exclude if diagnosed
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