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Brooke's Cards

Topics 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 for Serve Safe

What is cross contact? allergens being transferred to food that is served to a customer.Can occur by using the same oil to cook with.
How long is the appropriate time to rinse hands (not including the time required to scrub them)? 5-10 seconds
How long is the appropriate time for handwashing in regard to scrubbing and drying the hands? 10-15 seconds
What is a pathogen? Illness carrying causing microrganism.
Toxin is another word for what? Poision
What is the temperature that allows bacteria to spread best? 41 to 135
Acidity grows best in what pH? 7.5 to 4.6
What is the moisture water activity that allows bacteria to spread? .85
Salmonella Typhi (typhoid Fever) Associated with RTE foods and beverages. Symptoms include high FEVER and headache.
Mold Spoils food and can sometimes cause illnesses. Has alfatoxins.
Yeast Spoils food rapidly and associated with jams and jellies. Produces a pink slime.
Best way to prevent viruses from spreading is what? Wash hands
Best way to prevent bacteria from spreading is what? Cross contamination
Paralytic (shellfish toxin) Only one that inclsudes scallops. Symptoms are numbness and tingling.
Neurotoxic (shellfish toxin) Tingling near the head and the reversal of hot and cold sensations.
Amnesic (shellfish toxin) Can lead to death. Symptoms are seizures and coma and disorientation.
What are the plant toxins? Honey, fool's paresly, undercooked kidney beans, turnips.
What are the toxic metals? Pewter, copper, and zinc when they react with acidic foods.
Campy can be caused by what and what are the symptoms? Contaminated water; symptoms are bloody diarrhea.
Shigella Associated with RTE foods, potatoes, and potato salads. Control flies!
Equipment must be what? All equipment must be easily accessible for cleaning.
Design plans may require approval by who? The local regulatory agency and the zoning or building department.
Backflow is what? Reverse flow of contaminants through a cross-connection into the potable water supply.
A backup for raw sewage is a cause for Immediate closure Correction of the problem Thorough cleaning
When should you check temperatures? Every 4 hours.
Are hot-holding equipment appropriate for reheating foods? No.
Cold food can be held for what? 6 hours at 41 degrees to start.
Where should the thermometer be immersed in food? Past the dimple.
What is the boiling method? Recalibrating a thermometer. Hold the calibration nut until the temperature reads 212.
What foods should be recieved at 45 degrees? Milk, shell eggs, and shellfish.
What steps should be done to food that has been recalled? Remove the item from inventory and place it in a secure location.
Food should be stored how high off the ground? 6 inches
What is the temperature that potentially hazardous hot foods be rejected? 135
What is FIFO? First in, first out.
What is the temperature of the storeroom/pantry? 50-70 degrees fareignheight.
What is corrective action? Throwing out food that has been handled by a restricted employee, contaminated by hand, or doesn't meet TCS guidelines.
Pasturized eegs should be used with what kinds of dishes? Dishes that require little to no cooking.
Signs of a cockroach infestation include what? A strong oily odor Droppings similar to grains of pepper Capsule shaped egg cases
Three rules of integrated pest management Deny pests access to the establishment Deny pests food and shelter Work with a licensed PCO to eliminate pests that do enter
Foodservice inspections involve Are required for all establishments Let the establishment know how well it is following critical food safety practices
Created by: brookegable