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AP Euro Midterm

Review for the Midterm

Guilds Association of skilled artisans specializing in a specific skill
Illuminated manuscript writings with illustrations plated with gold leaf
block printing a blank filled with characters made from metal and dipped in ink to make printing faster
movable type use movable components to create documents, device of printing
Confucian classics epochal event in history of printing, entry exam for government positions
Estates General Medieval French parliament, consisted of 3 separate groups: Clergy, Nobles, Peasants
Edward III English King, grandson of Phillip of France
Jacquerie French peasant rebellion
Henry V English King in rule during the 100 years war, attacked the French
Treaty of Troyes Disinherited the legitimate heir to French throne and proclaimed Henry V, successor to Charles VI
Joan of Arc a peasant, whom gave the French numerous victories, French nationalist
Three-field system A system of agriculture where each third of a field is harvested and left fallow separately
Black Death Bubonic plague, caused respiratory issues, causing Europe to lose 2/5 of the population
pogroms organized riots against Jews in the Russian Empire
Taille direct tax on the french peasants
statute of laborers
plenitude of Power declared saints, disposed of benefices and created centralized papal monarchy
Pope Innocent III Pope, established Rota Romana
papacy church laws dictated by the pope
Rota Romana tightened and centralized the churches legal proceedings
Created by: Sammymontalto