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Foods Vocab 1-20

vocab 1-20

life sustaining chemical compounds in food. nutrients
study of nutrients & how the body uses them. nutrition
person's total health including physical, mental & emotional well being. wellness
familiar foods, usually creamy, soft & rich, that makes people feel good when stressed, bored, or happy. comfort foods
natural or chemical substance added to food for specific reason during processing. food additives
set of customs, traditions, and beliefs shared by a large group of people. culture
anything related to a culture as in ethic foods ethnic
most widely produced and eaten foods in a particular area. staple foods
established practice repeated over time. custom
abstaining from all or certain foods for a period of time. fasting
a blending of cultures. melting pot
having to deal with emotions and mind. psychological
practical application of scientific knowledge. technology
the cutting back on or eliminating of chemicals in farming. sustainable
growing plants with out soil: plants are held in water, gravel or sand & fed with nutrient enriched water. hydroponics
raising seafood in enclosed areas of water. aqua culture
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