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Eastern Europe I

Magyars were... Originally from Russia as part of the Great Migration
Magyars weakened Ludwig the Child
Battle of ____________________ caused... Augsburg, Ludwig the Child to lose the throne
The Magyars accepted ______________ in 1001 AD under Stephen I and ________________________ Christianity, defended Eastern Europe
Kievan Rus started.... Along major trading posts, especially Viking
Kievan Rus centered around Kiev and Novgorod
Accepted ___________ Christianity from _____________ in 11th century Orthodox, Byzantine
Became ___________________________ to Byzantium against barbarians, but was ______________ by _______________ Strong ally, weakened, constant attacks
Bohemia was... Large chunk of the modern Czech Republic
Bohemia... Allied with Holy Roman Empire after converting to Christianity
Bohemia soon became... Most important non-German/non-Italian part of the Empire
Polish Identity started with... Mieszko I in 962
Embraced ___________ and conquered former _________________ Catholicism, lands of pagans
Made alliances to _______ kingdom, even... Spread, though the ally was a past enemy