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Frankish to German

Capital at _______________. Aachen
Treaty of Verdun between...... Charlemagne's 3 grandsons
Treaty of Verdun... Splits the empire between the three grandsons of Charlemagne
Ludwig the German was _________________. Grandson of Charlemagne, the ruler of Germany
Charles the Fat.... Bought the Vikings away from Paris while he briefly united the kingdom
In line for succession were: Arnulf, Ludwig the Child
These successors of Charlemagne ruled between... 840-890 AD
Conrad I was _____________. (From Franconia) Elected King by the Germans
Conrad was the _________ member of the Conradian Dynasty. Only
He offered the crown to his biggest enemy... Henry the Fowler
Henry the Fowler was... Elected but with the will of Conrad; he was from Saxony
Saw himself as... First Among Equals. This is important because he supported the idea that individual states have rights.
France is... In the middle of the Capetian Dynasty, therefore making France weak.