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SAT First 50 Words

Abstract Theoretical
Alienate To push someone away, or cause him to separate from people
Ambiguous Unclear, have several interpretations
Anarchy A lack of order
Apathy Lack of interest
Archaic Old
Arrogant Acting superior, obnoxious, or rude
Assail Attack with words or force
Astute Wise
Avarice greed
Beguile To cheat or deceive, usually through charm
Benevolent Kindhearted, goodnatured, generous
Bequeath To leave behind of hand down through a will
Blight Decay, disease, widespread death
Bombast Speech or writing intended to impress the audience
Bumptious Pushy
Cacophony A collection of sounds that don't blend well
Capricious Unpredictable
Coerce To force someone by threatening or physically overpowering him
Capitulate Surrender
Composure Calmness
Concede Admit reluctantly
Confound To mix up
Contend To argue a point or position
Contrite Sorry, penitent
Converge Move together to meet at a common point
Convivial Fond of parties
Copious In large quantity
Daunted Dismayed
Digress To move away from the main topic when writing or speaking
Discerning Insightful
Discord Disagreement
Disdain A feeling of scorn or contempt
Disperse Spread around
Diverse Different
Efficacy The ability to produce desired results
Enhance Intensify
Eradicate To remove completely and permanently
Foresight The ability to see ahead
Furtive Sneaky
Futile Hopelessly ineffective
Glutton A person who consumes huge quantities of food
gregarious Sociable
Gullible Easily deceived or cheated
Harbor To provide shelter or refuge
hardy Bold
Heed Notice
Heresy An opinion expressed in defiance of generally accepted ideas
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