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Med Term ASA Unit 1

The base of a word that represents its main meaning is the Word Root
What are the three purposes of a suffix? They are placed at the end of a word They Change the meaning or the word root. The Change the part of speech of a word.
Prefixes are placed in front of a word
The part of speech that is a modifier (describes a noun) is a(n) adjective
What is a verb? The part of speech that shows action or a state of being.
The word cyanotic is a(n) adjective, verb, noun, or combining form? adjective
The work cardiology is a(n) (give the part of speech) Noun
Choose the suffix that means the process of creating a picture or record. Tome, Tomy, Graph, Graphy Graphy
A word root plus a vowel (e.g., gastr/o) is a Combining form
The suffix representing one who practices (specialist) is: IST
The correct plural form for ganglion is Ganglia
The correct singular form of bacteria is Bacterium
The correct plural of phalanx is Phalanges
When building a word, if the suffix begins with a vowel, what do you do? Usually use a word root
A_____________ of antibiotic was given to fight the infection (injection, inject, injected, injecting) Injection
What is the correct adjective form for Anemia Anemic
what is the correct adjective form for Condyle Condylar
What is the correct adjective form for carpus Carpal
What is the correct adjective form for ilium Iliac
What is the correct adjective form for mucus Mucous
Med Term for inflammation of the stomach Gastritis
Med term for the condition or state of an overactive thyroid Hyperthyroidism
Med term for condition of muscle shortening Contraction
Med term for one who practices psychiatry Psychiatrist
Med term for full of too much stress Nervous
Med term for able to be irritated irritable
Med term for quality of being sensitive Sensitivity
Med term for enlargement of the extremities Acromegaly
Med term for study of the skin Dermatology
Med term for inflammation of the skin on the extremities Acrodermatitis
Med term for hypersensitive reaction to a substance (i.e. perfumed soaps) Allergy, (Allergies), Allergic reaction
Med term for condition of blueness Cyanosis, Cyanotic
Med term for one who practices medicine Practitioner, physician
Med term for fear of water Hydrophobia, Hydrophobic
Med term for surgery using a microscope Microsurgery
Med term for instrument used to count cells Cytometer
Med term for one who makes x-ray images Radiographer
Med term for muscle shortening with stimulation (noun) Contraction
Med term for looking into the stomach and duodenum with a(n) scope Gastroduodenoscopy
Med term for varicella infection causing itchy red spots Chickenpox
Med term for inflammation of the stomach Gastritis
Plural of appendix Appendices
Singular form of carcinomata Carcinoma
Med. Term for specialist in mental disorders (physician) Psychiatrist
Med term for able to be eaten edible
Provide the correct abbreviation for herpes simplex virus one HSV 1, or HSV I
Provide the correct abbreviation for varicella (chickenpox) VAR
Provide the correct abbreviation for the Greek Gr
-able Ability
-acr/o Extremity
allerg/o Allergy
appendic/o Appendix
carcin/o Cancer (epithelial)
cardio heart
condyl/o condyle (a rounded projection on a bone
cyan/o blue
cyt/o cell
dermat/o, derm/a skin
duoden/o duodenum
-ectomy excision
-emia condition in the blood
-er one who
gastr/o stomach
-grapher one who makes a picture or image
hydro- water
-ible ability
-ism condition or theory
itis inflammation
-ity quality
lymph/o lymphatic
-mania mental illness
-megaly, megal/o enlarged, large
-meter instrument that measures (or counts)
-metry process of measuring
micr/o, micro- small
-ology study of, specialty
-ologist specialist, one who studies
-oscopy process of looking with a scope
-osis condition
-ostomy making a new surgical opening
-ous full of, having (adj. suffix)
path/o disease, pathology
-penia abnormally low amount
-phobia fear
-tion condition or state
Created by: Paul Mayuiers
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