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Ch1 PoliticalSci

Chapter One

Authority is the recognized right of officials to exercise power.
Constitutionalism The idea that there are lawful restrictions on government's power.
Corporate Power Operates in part through the influence that firms have with policymakers.
Elitism Refers to the power exercised by well-positioned and highly influential individuals.
Free Market System (pg17) Operates mainly on private transactions.
Judicial action (pg16) The use of courts as a means of asserting rights and interests - a channel through which ordinary citizens exercise power. (Jury)
Political Science (pg7) The systematic study of government and politics.
Political Thinking (Pg3) Involves the careful gathering and sifting of information in the process forming a knowledgeable view about a political issue.
Politics (Pg12) The means by which society settles its conflicts and allocates the resulting benefits and costs.
Power (Pg12) The ability of persons, groups, or institutions to influence political development.
Public policies (Pg21) The decisions of government to pursue particular courses of action.
A belief of sociologist C. Wright Mills Corporate elites have more control over economic policy than do the elected politicians.
Individualism The reality that officials in the United States spend comparatively less money on government programs for the poor than other fully industrialized democracies
The two primary sources of political conflict scarce resources and competing values
How have changes in modern communication affected political thinking in the United States? The extreme bias and popularity of new forms of media such as cable news networks and Internet blogs have led to a rise in faulty perceptions and thus a decrease in political thinking.
Over the many decades of public debate and conflict over the American health care system, what has been the one constant? Never has a majority expressed a willingness to entrust health insurance fully to government.
White House Press Office is no longer run by a single individual becuase The level to which political leaders spin their messages has increased dramatically.
Robert Dahl Is a pluralist who argues that it is the preference of the special interest that largely determines what government does
A handwritten note by a penniless convict brought about the Gideon v. Wainwright Supreme Court case, in which the Court ruled that Gideon's Sixth Amendment right to counsel had been violated.
Major limit on majoritarianism in the United States the fact that most of the public pays attention to only a small number of issues
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