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history test 13&14 L

what did steamboats help to overcome? travelling upstream
this trade that led to the popularity of coffee drinking in America? sea trade
who invented the telegraph? Samuel F.B Morse
what was referred to as the Great Warriors Path? The Great Wagon Road
Who helped to establish a working postal system for the U.S Benjamin Franklin
this was a short lived mail delivery service that was the fastest service while in operation? PONY EXPRESS
What was the first message sent on the telegraph? "what haft God wrought"
Cyrus McCormick's invention was? the mechanical reaper
water compartment that open and shut to lift and lower vessels on canals? locks
what are the toll roads owned by private companies? turnpikes
what was the system that led to growth of labor unions? factory system
what was the first federally funded highway? the national road
the Wilderness Road was used by this man to lead people to Kentucky? Daniel Boone
who was the first to experiment with the steamboat? John Fitch
what was the waterway that connected NYC to Lake Erie? Erie Canal
The cotton gin was responsable for the continuation of this in the south? Slavery
the first economically successful steamboat was? the clermont
who was the first AMERICAN to circumnavigate the globe? Robert Gray
who opened a mill towns for girls and provided roam and board for workers? Francis Cabot Lowell
what invention was made to help keep railroad traffic coordinated? telegraph
the pony express was the ____________ mail service? fastest
what was date of the pony express from beginning to end? 1860-1861
what caused the pony express to go out of business? the invention of the telegraph
the building of the Erie canal brought a " " to America? Canal Craze
what legislative body did not support his efforts of John Fitch? Philadelphia Convention
who built the 1st commercially successful steamboat? Robert Fulton
List several major cities that grew because to the trade of the steamboat brought to their region? New Orleans, Saint Lewis, Pittsburg, Cincinnati
who made the first major trial or testrun of a railroad in 1830? Peter Cooper
which state had the first regularly scheduled railroad service in America? South Carolina
How were the railroads a more efficient means of travel compared to water travel? they were not affected by the weather; cheaper to use than canals; can also go more places
which regions benefited the most from the railroads? North & West
what was referred to as the "Flying Machines"? Stagecoaches
how did the Industrial Revolution help the farmers in America? it let better tools become available & helped to increase their profit
why was child labor allowed in the factories? they had child labor din England & America they gave children meal. Because very young children were already on work @ farms & it wasn't considered to be improper
what was the false religion that swept many churches and colleges in the early 1800's? UNITARIANISM
what do Unitarianism's believe? they are a religious movement asserting the "Unity" of God by denying the doctrine of the Trinity
who was a famous leader/minister of this religion? timothy Dwight
what was the name for the large, outdoor, revival meetings that were used during the 2nd great awakening? camp meetings
In which part of the country were these meetings usually held? Kentucky and Tennessee
where most famous of these meetings? Cambridge, Kentucky
what were the fastest kind of ships in this time period? Clippers
who built the clippers? Donald McKay
what were these ships known for? because they bow of the ship would clip through the waves
In which part of the country did the factory system become popular? England
why did that region make a good place for factories to be built? because they would import things & could make stuff faster
in the __________'s most Americans were still farmers who owned and worked their own lands. 1800
when did the Industrial Revolution begin and end 1815-1860
who invented the steel plow? John Deere
his first plow sold for ______ dollars 10
Deere's plow became important because _________________? important in cultivating the prairies of the West
how did Cyrus McCormick's invention help the farmers? it cut wheat & grain & cut tons of acres of land
who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
what could the cotton gin do? remove seeds from the cotton and it replace the work of 50 men
what other method did Eli Whitney invent and on what product did he use that method? he came up with the method of using interchangeable parts
Who brought the knowledge of English textile mills to America? Samuel Slater
what did the labor unions work to reform they wanted free public education; they wanted imprisonment for debts to end; 10 hour workday; end of child labor
who led the revival at Yale University? Timothy Dwight
list the achievements of captain robert gray? 1. Coffee 2. 1st American to circumnavigate the globe 3. three cornered trade
which 2 Asian countries opened themselves up to trade with America during the 1800's? China and Japan
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