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Cocktail maled rye, Amergris soaked palm sugar, water, north bay bitters -> coupe glass, cherry
Hoar's Frost New Western Gin, Orange curacoa, lemon, london dock rum, Grenadine -> large goblet w/ crushed ice, dehydro orange & pom
Negroni Old Tom Gin, Germouth di torino, gran classico bitter, flamed orange -> coupe glass, orange zest
Old Fashion Bourbon, Rhubarbararmo, cube sugar, Essential Oils -> Rocks glass, hand cut ice, zest
Daiquiri Rhum Agricole Blanc, jamaican overproof white rum, lime, passion fruit syrup, pineapple bitters -> large goblet, crushed ice, citrus and flowers
Son of the crusta brandy, kina blanco, lemon, aged orchard fruit bitters
Attack Punch Batavia arrack, lime, nutmeg, gomme syrup, elixir vegetal -> rocks glass, shaker ice, spice garnish
Against the Bliss Angostura rum, rhubarb sherbet, Marashino, lime, rose bitters -> collins glass w/ kold draft ice, rose garnish
In word and Deed Meszcal, quicnce syrup, black citrus, kaffir lime tincture -> rocks, hand cut ice, kaffir lime in some form, smoke?
The Victorian Dutch gin, fernet, Nardini montenegro, sirop de capillaire, wormwood bitters -> coupe glass w/ perfumed wormwood, lemon peel
Plank Road Resposado Tequila, sotol, refined agave, sassafrass bitters
Created by: br0k3nc0rk