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Artisanal Bread 3 to 4 selections of bread with five star butter and fleur de sel
Where does the bread come from? La Fournette on Wells St. and North Ave in OLD Town
When was the bakery started 2009 by Fourth Generation Zimmerman and master baker, Chef Pierre Zimmerman
Information about Five Star Butter Company 100% Certified Organic, Full sustainable, fully traceable, Grass-fed Northern Cali, 85% Butterfat
Bread Allergies Gluten, Dairy
Malt Vinegared Pig Ears Deep Fried Pig Ears Dusted in Malt Vinegar powder and salt. Served with Aioli made from cornichons. The Pig ears slowed cooked, dehydrated and deep fried
Pig Ear Allergies Pork, Eggs, Allium(Onion, garlic, leek)
Pickled Sardine, Potato Chip, Gribiche Portuguese sardines, soaked in white wine vinegar briefly, stored in evoo. Served with gribiche. garnished with russian banana fingerling potato chips, fried capers and egg white cubes
Sardine Alergies Eggs, Allium
Corned Beef Croquettes Home corned beef shredded, mixed with mashed yukons w/ cornichons, breaded with panko. Served with Brown Chix gravy made with bentons hickory smoked bacon
Bentons Bacon Bentons (Tennessee smokehouse) hickory smoked bacon
Corned Beef Alergies Dairy, eggs, gluten, pork, allium
Bread and Butter Pickles jar of sweet & sour pickles w/ pearl oninos, garlic cloves. Pickles changed.
Pickle Liquid apple cider vin, mustard seeds & dill
Pickle Allergies Allium
Chix Liver Mousse chix liver mousse set in jar, topped w/ madras curry spiced mostarda, garnished with chix skin, frisee and pickled quail egg
Whats in curry spiced mostarda Mustard Seeds, dried raisins, apples & apricots
How is the quail egg pickled? white vine vinegar
Duck Confit Leg & thigh meat shredded and set in duck fat. served with persimmon jam, granola
How is the duck made? Leg & Thigh cured for 24 hours then confit
Whats in the granola oatmeal, pepitas, wild rice, maple syrup and black cardamom
Chix liver mousse Allergies Eggs, Diary, allium
Duck Allergies allium
Smoked Trout House cured smoked trout shredded and mixed with creme fraiche, lemon, celery, shallot and pickled mustard seeds. garnished w/ frisee & rye flour cracker with caraway
Trout Allergies dairy, gluten, allium
Tomatoes in a jar Roma Tomatoes, peeled & slow roasted w/ garlic/thyme. Pressed into jar with herbs and covered in evoo
Tomato Allergies Allium
Garbanzo bEANS IN JAR Puree of Garbanzo Beans studded with perserved lemon, pickled pistachios & green olives. Garnished w/ fried garbanzo beans
Garbanzo allergies Flour, sesame, allium
Gem Lettuce Salad Gem Lettuce tossed in Bentons bacon vin. Panko crusted green tomato pieces, carr valley blue cheese, shaved easter egg radish, bacon lardons & pickled shallot. Can be made Vegetarian.
Salad Allergies Pork, dairy, gluten, allium
Carr Valley blue cheese Owned & Operated by the Cook Family. Over 100 Years old. Located in Central wisconsin.
Braised RAbbit Rabbit marinated in vinegar and onions. slow braised. SErved with caraway-yukon gold potato dumplings and sauerkraut. Sauce will be reduction of braising liquid. Granished with chives
Rabbit is in the style of what? Style of sauerbraten, traditional german dish
sauerkraut is made from what? Shredded rutabaga & granny smith apples
Roasted cream of wheat Roasted ground wheat kernels cooked in the style of porridge & finished with pecorino cheese, braised mustard greens w/ grape tomatoes on top
What is pecorino cheese made from? Italian sheep's milk
donut Filled with peanut butter, topped with concord grape jelly & pieces of salted peanut brittle
Banana Pudding Banana pudding layered in a jar with fresh banana pieces, vanilla wafer pieces & fresh honeycomb whipped into sweetened creme fraice
sauerbraten sauer = "pickle" or sour & braten = "Roast Meat"
Created by: br0k3nc0rk