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Gov Chp 12 voc

Temporary Committee set up for a specific purpose Select Committee
A permanent committee Standing Committee
The minimum number of congressmen needed to conduct business Quorum
Official who polls his party on key issues Whip
Head of the majority or minority party in either house Floor Leader
Presides over the Senate in the Vice Presidents absence President Pro Tempore
Attempt to talk a bill to death Filibuster
Motion to end a debate and vote on a bill Cloture
Official that presides over the US House Speaker of the House
Unrelated bill attached to a bill likely to pass Rider
A proposed law Bill
The meeting of all democrats or republicans in either house Party Caucus
The practice of giving the best posts to the most experienced congressmen Seniority Rule
It forces a bill out of committee and onto the floor Discharge Petition
Measures passed in both houses stating a position Concurrent Resolution
Presidential rejection of legislation Veto
Presiding officer of the Senate President of the Senate
Heads the standing committee in a legislative body Committee Chairman
Committee composed of members of both houses Joint Committee
A temporary joint committee to reconcile differences between the houses Conference Committee
Legislature measure that must pass in both houses and be approved by the chief executive to become effective Joint Resolution
Internal business of one house, or expressing a chambers opinion on some matter without the force of law Resolution
Division of existing committee that is formed to address a specific issue Subcommittee
This will become law after 10 days if the presidents does nothing with it Pocket Veto
The entire legislative body expedites its business by resolving itself into a committee Committee of the Whole
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