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Russian TimeLine


1. 1881 Revolutionaries become angry over slow pace of political change so they assassinated reform minded czar, Alexander II
2. 1881 Alexander III becomes the new czar. Alexander II halted all reforms in Russia. Nicholas I and Alexander III clung to autocracy
1894 Nicholas II becomes czar and continues the autocracy
1863-1900 Factories double
1890's Nicholas II the most capable minister launches a program to move things foward
1900 Russia becomes the fourth largest steel producing country
1891-1916 Construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway
1903 Russian Marxist split the Democratic party into Mensheviks and Bolsheviks
Late 1800s, Feb 1904 Russo-Japanese War
January 22, 1905 Bloody Sunday
October 1905 Nicholas II gives some freedom
May 1906 Duma asks the government to be a monarchy like Britain's however after 10 weeks the Duma diminishes
1914 Nicholas II drags Russia into WWI
1915 Nicholas II moves headquarters to war front
1916 Murder of Rasputin
March 1917 Woman textile workers in Petrograd lead a citywide strike
Early 1900 Lenin leaves to escape arrest
April 1917 Lenin comes back to Russia
Autumn 1917 People start rallying the call, " All power to the soviets."
Created by: Skyferris