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Russia History Q.1

Standardize Test Questions

How many different ethnic groups are there? 120
What is the Soviet Era? The period between 1922 and 1991
After the fall of the Soviet Union, several of the larger republics became what? Independent countries
Ethnic Russians are apart of a larger ethnic group called what? Slavs
Who are Slavs? A major ethnic group, or nationality. Slavs are also a linguistic and ethnic branch of Indo-European peoples; Poles, Serbs, Ukrainians
Large group of diverse peoples are classified as who? Why? Caucasian, because they live in the Caucaus region
Caucasian groups include who? Chechens, Dagestanis, Ingushitans
Where do Turkish People live? In the Caucaus region and in the middle Volga area.
The Turkic people of Russia include who? Tatars,Chuvash,Bashkirs,Sahka
The most numerous of the Turkic people are who? Where do they live? Tatars whom many live in Tatarstan
Since when did Russia rule Tatarstan? mid- 1550s
Tatarstan like any other republic have limited amount of what? sovereignty
Who are the Sahka? Where do they live? A combination of local groups and Turkic peoples who originally settled along the middle Lena River.
The Sahka were formerly what and expanded from where to where? Seminomadic and from southern Siberia into northeastern Russia
What % of people live in western Europe? 80
Why do people like to live in western Europe more than the east? Rich soil, waterways, a milder climate
What is the main industrial city? Moscow
Population is more disperse where? east of the Ural Mountains
What is the % rate that people live in Siberia? How much land area does it take up from Russia? 20%, and two-thirds
What are the physical features in Siberia like? Frozen tundras, mountains, and forests making Russia unsuitable for farming
What happened to migration during the early years of the Soviet union then after the 1970s? Russians migrated to non-Russian republics then reversed
After the fall of the Soviet Union what has Russia been going? Going back to their homeland
Most people settle where in Russia? Moscow, St. Petersburg, and southwestern Russia
What is greater? People moving in or out of Russia? People moving in
Since the downfall of the Soviet Union what has Russia been rediscovering? Faiths and traditions
How many languages are spoken in Russia today? More than 100
What family language do the Turkic people speak? Altaic
What language do the Sahka speak? Russian and Turkic languages
The Soviet government strictly discourages what? religious practices
What is Atheism? belief there is no god or superior being
Missonaries caused lawmakers to do what? place restrictions on newly established religious groups
What four religions were allowed full liberty? Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism
What church has been the center of Russian culture? the Eastern Orthodox Church
In 988, who of the Kievan Rus adopted Eastern Orthodox Christianity as it's official religion? Prince Vladimir
In 1453, the Byzantine Empire, the center of the Eastern Orhtodox Church had fallen, and Russia assured it's claim to what? Claim as leader of the Orthodox Christian world
Islam is the what largest religion in Russia? 2nd
Where do the people who practice Islam live? Caucasus region and between the the Volga river and the Urals
Most Muslims follow the what branch? Sunni
Where is Islam practiced? Arab countries, Turkey, and Afghanistan
In czarist times how was it for the Jews? Hard because of persecutions, could only settle in certain areas, and could not own land.
Where did Jews migrate to because of tragic events? the United States or Israel
What are the Republics of Buddhism and where do they live? Tuva, Buryatia, and Kalmykia. Near the Caspian Sea
Small numbers of Buddhist lived where? St. Petersburg and Moscow
During the Soviet Union what were there main subjects to learn in school? Math, Science, and Engineering
What didn't they emphasize on in school? Language, History, and Literature
Technology focused on what? the government
What made up the Soviet intelligence and intelligence elite? Government Officials, promising educators, writers, and artists
How has education changed? It began to emphasize on language, history, and literature
Why do teachers abandon their job? What does it cause students to do? low pay and morale. It causes students to quit their education to find a job
What of health care has worsened? quality and quantity
What threatens the well being of the people? disease,lifestyle choices, and inefficent healthcare systems
Why does the government lose medical staff? low pay
Art was focused on what? religion
When did art change? 1700s when Peter the Great introduced culture
What is social realism? artist duty to glorify the government
What is May Day? more of a Spring Festival
When was Christmas an official holiday for Russia? 1918
Where did Russia stretched from? From Europe to the Pacific Ocean.
What did regional political boundaries often reflect? The locations of major ethnic groups, or nationalities.
How many ethnic groups have their own republics? 32
Life expectancy in Europe? 68 years
Deaths per birth 9 for every 1000
When was Russia's golden stage? Between the early 1800s and into the 1900s
Who are the painters? Viktor Vasnetsov
Who are the composers? Peter Tchaikovsky
Who are the poets? Aleksandr Pushkin, Boris Pasternak, and Anna Akhmatova.
Who are the novelist? Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky made Russian literature famous.
What is the evidence that you will get punished if you dont follow socialist realism? Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago
In the mid 1980s activity in the arts renewed as loosening government controls allowed what? Printing of previously unpublished works and new materials.
Why do the people live in large apartment blocks? Housing shortages.
What is entertainment in Russia like? Concerts, ballet, and the theater all provide popular entertainment.
What are popular sports in Russia? Tennis, track and field, and ice hockey as well as skaters and gymnasts all had success.
Created by: Skyferris