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Russian Rev. Vocab


Proletariat the group of workers who would overthrow the czar and came to rule Russia
Bloody Sunday January 22, 1905 200,000 workers and their famalies go to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg with a petition asking for better working conditions, more personal freedom, and a elected national legislature however Nicholas II responded by massacring them
Bolsheviks Supported a small number of revolutionaries willing to sacrifice anything for change
Gulags Soviet network of forced labor camps used to terrorize opponents of the government and get cheap labor that happened between 1950 and 1955
Provisional Government Temporary government formed by the Duma to rule until elections were held
Alexander Kerensky Took control of the provisional government in February 1917 and made a bad decision to keep Russia in WWI costing him his support from the people
Nicholas II Last czar of Russia; made a bad decision to take over the army with little experience
Abdictate To renounce one's throne
Lenin Leader of the Bolsheviks who's slogan is about peace, land and bread, organized Russia into many republics and helped with the New Economic Policy
Czar Emperor of Russia before 1917
Communism An economic system which all means of production are owned by the people, private property does not exist and all goods and services are shared equally
Totalitarian government control over every aspect of public and private life
Great Purge A campaign by Stalin being terror directed at anyone who helped threaten his power. Bolsheviks who helped stage the revolution were executed or sent to labor camps by the mid-1930s he changed the Soviet Union and made it and industrial and political power
Josef Stalin Wanted to create a perfect Communism state in Russia making it so he has turn it into a totalitarian state
Five Year Plan Plan for development by Stalin to increase the Soviet Union's economy by adding quotas to steel,oil,coal, and electricity as a result people had shortages of housing, food, clothing,etc
March Revolution March 1917 woman textile workers in Petrograd lead a citywide strike with about 200,000 people flaring about shortages of bread and fuel, shooters began to side with the protesters, it was the revolution to bring down czarist rule
When did Alexander III rule? 1881-1894
Nicholas II rule 1894-1917
Alexander Kerensky rule Feb 1917-Oct 1917
Lenin rule 1917-1924
Stalin rule 1924-1953
Created by: Skyferris