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6th FACS-Foods Unit

Important Items for all the 6th grade tests

What time do you set the oven for? Lowest time on recipe
Temperature for washing dishes As hot as you can stand, same for rinsing dishes
Order for cleaning dishes Cleanest to dirtiest
Types of measuring cups Dry, example: cereal Liquid, example: milk
Which stove top do you use? The one that has the same size as the bottom of the pan and if there is two, then the one that's closest to you
What does preheat the oven mean? To heat the oven before so that when you cook, you cook evenly
Three healthy snacks Amount for one serving Food Group String cheese-1 1/2 ounces-dairy Apple-one medium sized-fruit Carrot sticks-one cup-vegetables
Two kitchen safety rules Wash knives seperratly Stay away from steam
Two types of information found on recipes The amounts of food needed Baking instructions
Name the main two food groups food in the following Orange Frosty Rice Crispies Cinnamon Rolls Quesodila Cheese Pizza Fruit and dairy Grains and extras Grains and extras Dairy and vegetables Dairy and grains
What did you learn from the following people Gabe Sara Drew Mike Megan Exercise even if you are not overweight Don't be lazy with food choices, bigger isn't always better Talk to parents about getting healthier food just because athletes are on the bow it doesn't mean it's healthy Skipping meals is really unhealthy
Major Nutrients from the following food groups Dairy Fruit Grain Vegetables Meat/Protein Calcium Vitamin C Carbohydrates and B-vitamins Vitamin A Protein
Plant food groups (3) Fruits Vegetables Grains
Created by: Ivy N