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Medieval Europe

Early Middle Ages - AD 500 to 1000 (Dark Ages)

Who reconquered much of the Western Roman Empire? Justinian the Great
Who united most of France and began the Merovingian dynasty? Clovis
Who received a visions from the angel Gabriel and began a new religion? Mohammed
When did he have the visions? 610 AD
What religion did he because of the visions? Islam
During what Islamic Kingdom did the Golden Age of the Arabs flourish? Abbasids
Who won an important battle against the Muslims in 732 AD Charles Martel
Who became the sole ruler of the Frankish Kingdom in 771 AD? Charlemagne
When was Charlemagne crowned emperor by the pope? 800 AD
What was the name of Charlemagne's empire? Holy Roman Empire
What were the homelands of the Vikings? Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark
Which Viking settled Greenland? Eric the Red
Which Viking discovered North America? Leif Ericson
Which Viking is said to have founded the Russian empire? Rurik
Name three reasons the Vikings left their homelands to plunder, to settle, to discover
What was the first major place of invasion in England? The monastary of Lindisfarne
Which English King is known to have a major victory over the Vikings? Alfred the Great
What was the capital of the Byzantine Empire? Constantinople
What kind of job did the Byzantine emperor give to some of the Vikings? bodyguard
Which Viking chief becomes Duke of Normandy (France) Rollo
Created by: mrsdunn