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The Franks: 2


Charlemagne was the ______________ of Charles Martel. Grandson
Charlemagne was _____________ to the ___________ kingdom along with his ___________ Carloman. Heir, Frankish, brother
Carloman's suspicious death... He was possibly killed by Charlemagne.
Became ______ of the Franks in 768 AD. King
Added most of _____________ to his domain in 774. Italy
Made parts of ______________ his ____________ Sicily, vassal
Conquered Corsica and Sardinia and pressed into ________________ against the _____________ Spain, Muslims
Spanish March Charlemagne kept the Muslims from invading his territory.
Pressed into... Germany
After gaining control of a lot of land, Charlemagne convinced the Pope to ____________ him ____________________ Crown, Emperor
Became ___________ _____________ Emperor on _____________ Day, _ _ _ AD Holy Roman, Christmas, 800
Meaning of Holy Roman Emperor: Holy shows that he is Christian, Roman is to invoke the power of the Roman Empire, Emperor is that obvious...he has an empire - duh.
Charlemagne cared... Deeply about education
He built __________ and ___________ Roads, schools
Kept pen and paper by his bed so he could... Practice his Latin
Apparently tried to learn... Greek
Name of statue studying of Charlemagne: Mounted Charlemagne
His legacy: Son Louis the Pious inherits everything but is weak
Kingdom is divided into __ by his ______________ 3 by grandsons
The three parts of the Frankish kingdom now are: France, Burgundy, and Germany
Sets stage for ______________ _________________ for the next 1200 years European politics