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The Franks: Clovis

Who were the Franks? A group of barbarians who formed into a whole around modern Belgium
Under Clovis, the Franks __________________... Invaded and conquered more land
Clovis was originally a pagan. What did he convert to? He converted to Christianity
The legend of why and under what circumstances did Clovis convert to Christianity... He was losing a battle and prayed to his wife's Christian god for victory
What historians say about why Clovis converted to Christianity... He saw that becoming Christian had more prestige than being pagan.
Another reason why Clovis converted... A combination of the historians' theory and...that his wife would not give up with trying to convert him to Christianity
Clovis leaves behind... A Frankish heritage of being united...meaning the Franks wanted to be one big kingdom, not divided into several parts
Another part of Clovis's legacy is that... The Franks are now fervently Christian
Clovis divides the kingdom into ___ 4
This allowed a split to form between the ___________ and the ___________ side The French side and the German side
At this time, the ________________ ___________________ is continuing their general conquest of everything, including Spain The Umayyad Caliphate
They invade _________________ into ___________, across the _________________ mountains Northward into France across the Pyrenees
Odo of Aquitaine lost_____________________ when he asked Charles Martel for help against the _________________ invasion All his territory, Islam
Charles Martel fights at the _______________ __ ______________ for Odo Battle of Tours (732 AD)
After the Battle of Tours, the Muslims... Shrug and leave